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The Commonwealth is the main antagonistic faction in Hard Corps: Uprising. Its leader is the self-proclaimed "Emperor" Tiberius.


The self-proclaimed "Emperor" Tiberius built an almighty empire by invading neighboring nations with the objective of building one totalitarian state under his rule. This new state came to be known as the "Commonwealth". Tiberius organized an elite group from among its extensive army, calling it the "Death Squad", which had the mission of eradicating any enemy armies that dared to oppose them. The Death Squad has been responsible for demolishing many villages and murdering its citizens. The prominent locations of the Empire were constructed at the heart of a massive city where the emperor reigned.

It is unknown how long this tyrannical Empire lasted. At some point in the year 2613 A.D., three surviving standalone tribes against the Empire governed by three old men devised a plan to overthrow the Empire's leader Tiberius. Upon his death, the Empire would fall, and the tribes would be free from tyranny. Each of the three tribes selected an elite soldier to come together and form a group that would see this plan through. Leading the charge was the Union Tribe's nominee, Bahamut. Him and his squad laid waste to all Commonwealth forces who dared opposed him.


The Commonwealth usually establishes a mostly black with red motif on their uniforms, machinery, and vehicles. The troops' primary uniforms make them appear somewhat like a court jester: long pointed hat with a white mask featuring only one eye with a targeting reticule painted around it and wearing a belt with a buckle etched with the letter Z.

The Commonwealth have a massive array of mechanical machines at their disposal. Although general equipment is primarily used everywhere, some technology may be area specific. Most troops are able to adapt themselves to any location. Most general troops carry a bayonet with green energy attached underneath the barrel. Some of their machines are animal-like in appearance, though some of them appear to care little about the Commonwealth troops and attack them when they are near. It is unclear the reason for this behavior, though it may be due to the robot's animal-like programming.







  • A commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good. The noun "commonwealth", meaning "public welfare, general good or advantage", dates from the 15th century. The definition of "commonwealth" eventually expanded from its original sense to mean "a state in which the supreme power is vested in the people; a republic or democratic state".
  • The most common phrase spoken by the various soldiers throughout the stages is "Go to hell!".
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