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A decorated veteran, Commander Doyle founded the Contra unit to defend the Earth from any threat. He guides and advises from the sidelines, and is trusted implicitly by Bill and Lance.
~ Character description

Commander Doyle is a supporting character featured in Contra: Operation Galuga.

He was voiced by Leith Burke.


Doyle appears during Operation Galuga, as the commander for the Contra Unit. His role is to supplying mission information during briefings to the unit's commandos. Doyle himself is stationed within an H.Q. accompanied by colleagues of this mission; George Drake who specializes in scientific analysis and research, and Daniel Henriksen who runs a company with his finest minds studying advanced technological information. Together these three learn more about a massive energy reading emanating from the island of Galuga, and a sudden disappearance of a co-existing military unit known as the GX Army. Doyle sends in Majors Bill Rizer and Lance Bean to assess and investigate both situations on the island, with the commandos keeping Doyle and his colleagues informed. Doyle first informs the two to search for a Red Falcon Lieutenant to gather more information on the current situation. The two end up eliminating him due to his hostility but manage to locate a date center where they transmit information to Doyle and H.Q. Doyle then addresses the two of a nearby laboratory facility worth checking out for further information. The two commandos reach the lab and fight their way to another terminal, with operative Lucia reaching the commandos and accessing a data hub containing information on an unknown artifact that Dr. Drake seems to have some knowledge of. The commandos are temporarily sidetracked by Lieutenant Ironside and rush in to assist the Lieutenant and locate the artifact on the island.

Meanwhile, the startling discovery of aliens concerns Doyle's suspicions of a full-scale alien war. During an offline communication meeting, Doyle confronts his two colleagues about the alien presence on Earth, and warrants reopening a project called the G-Initiative. His mood seems concerning as the conversation between the three of them end.

Doyle appears during the game's comic book-style ending. He congratulates the surviving commandos of a job well done on completing their mission, preventing a global catastrophe from the Zagard invaders. Doyle (appearing alongside Henriksen in a private meeting room) reports the aftermath of the mission:

  • He informs Lieutenant Stanley Ironside, now promoted as Commander, that he will lead a newly formed unit following the loss of the GX Army. Stanley proudly accepts, remarking that he will ensure the new unit surpasses the Contra Unit.
  • Doyle then briefs on the aftermath of Galuga Island. The Federation is orchestrating a relief team to reconstruct the island's ecosystem once the area becomes safe. Ariana adds to this statement saying she will return to the island and search for the missing Lemris so it can be returned to its temple.
  • Ariana's mention of Lucia prompts the Commander to explain that Lucia's whereabouts are unconfirmed, with Henriksen adding that the recent wormhole left behind a lot of distortion.

Commander Doyle appears one last time, walking up to a concerned Dr. Drake inside an unknown tall building within a city. Doyle comes to address his condolences over the loss of the missing Lucia, and declares to continue placing all "their" efforts to locating her. The doctor quickly dismisses the commander's words and addresses the status of the Lemris. The doctor informs the commander that all scans of the Lemris's energy prove negative, leading to the conclusion that the energy shield protecting the Earth will disappear. The two's backsides are seen as a panning out camera angle zooms out of the room toward the open city, soon revealing wormholes spewing out alien invaders...




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