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Commander Doyle is a supporting character featured in Contra: Hard Corps. He is a commander who informs the units he leads about their mission objectives and its details.


Commander Doyle is the strategic chief of operations of the Hard Corps task force and informs the team about the details of the missions before they are sent on their way to the battlefield. He often appears in cutscenes preceding missions and debriefs the team about their current objectives, as well as providing them with any intelligence collected. He also supplies the task force with the necessary vehicles and equipment required to handle the task at hand.


  • In Probotector (MD), Commander Doyle is replaced by an unnamed robot commander. The robot chief's dialogue also has been heavily modified from Doyle's dialogue, appearing shorter in some instances. Aside from his appearance and altered dialogue, he possesses an identical role in informing the Probotector unit on their situations and current tasks.


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