Colonel Bassad is a character and one of the main antagonists in Contra: Legacy of War. He is a mad dictator with an unquenchable thirst for power and complete world domination.


Colonel Bassad is the mad dictator of an unnamed small country. A complete lunatic, Bassad seeks nothing but complete world domination. Intelligence reveals that he had recently bought a piece of alien cell retrieved during the Alien Wars in the black market and has already begun to use it in order to create a army of mutants under his command. He becomes a threat in the 2640s with his world domination plans by amassing an army of soldiers, robots, and alien mutants created from the alien embryo. It is also rumored that Bassad has allied himself with a mysterious alien entity, who is also providing him with soldiers to further his goals.

Four soldiers from the Hard Corps team, Ray, Tasha, CD-288, and Bubba, are then sent to invade Bassad's country and take him down. He faced off against them personally in a subspace capsule but was ultimately defeated.

After making their way into Bassad's stronghold and defeating the mad colonel, the heroes are inexplicably drawn into Bassad's own deranged mind for a final confrontation. Faced with several previously fought enemies, the four soldiers struggle to survive the onslaught of attacks. Defeating Bassad's consciousness, they are then inexplicably teleported to face the alien entity, which turns out to be a living planetoid.