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The scar of the Divine Dragon's back was made by me.
~ Code 018 in Contra Returns

Code 018 is a character and one of the protagonists in Contra Returns.


Unknown age and nationality. Serving only as a Weapon, she has the same codename as her claymore: Code 018.
~ In-game description

018 was one of the legendary 20 Weapon's Servants from an eastern country. She has no name but a number "018" on her heavy sword, which she called "master". Her duty was to protect her tribe and defend the League of the Ten East Countries.

In the year 2628, she participated in the battle against the Red Falcon along with other Servants, during which she killed 270 enemies. She was wounded in action and was retrieved by Brice Etranzi's unit. There, she encountered Sheena Etranzi, Brice's daughter.

After her wound was healed, she asked Brice to let her join the guerrilla group. Brice granted her the permission, even if she wouldn't tell him the reason. She taught Sheena how to handle a cannon, fighting along with other guerrilla members, and became part of the group.

However, a year after, three strangers with heavy weapons came to the group's camp site, demanding 018 to come with them. She started a battle against the three strangers and won the fight with the help from the guerrilla group. This incident had marked her as a traitor to the League.

Later, the guerrillas were pursued and attacked by both the Red Falcon and the League. The guerrilla group was losing the war and 018 was blamed by many members of the group for bringing the disaster. However, Brice still supported her. After the guerrillas lost the war and Brice went missing in the action, out of guilt, 018 decided to leave the group to keep Sheena and the group safe.

Later, she became a target of Vinci, another Weapon's Servant who was ordered to kill 018.


  • "This is a fatal wound. Can you bear it?"


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