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A snail that has been enlarged by a growth-promoting drug developed by Blood Falcon. There is an armored car on its back.
~ Official description

The Cochlear Armored Car is a miniboss in Contra: Shattered Soldier. It is a giant snail-like creature that uses a car as its shell.


Cochlear is a large gooey snail-like creature that lives under a car and can absorb itself into it. It also appears to control the car, as it drives while the creature is fully inside of it. As it appears on the battlefield, it attacks using one of two of its projectile attacks, then it quickly hides inside the car shell and drives to the other side of the screen until off-screen, where it makes a quick U-turn and immediate park to pop back out of the car, repeating the pattern. Unlike other armored cars, this one the boss hides in is indestructible, and will only explode along with the boss's defeat. The armored car can block or deflect certain bullet fire and is safe to land on from the top, even while it is driving. The snail's two attacks are:

Attack Description
Bubble spray
Cochlear boss Bubbles
The snail opens its tall mouth and releases a massive amount of small deadly bubbles that slowly reach the other side of the screen. Each bubble can receive damage by weapons fire but when it does, it slowly starts to grow until a certain amount of total damage causes it to pop. These bubbles will linger long after the snail closes its maw and proceeds to drive to the opposite side of the battlefield so the player should destroy as many as possible in order to prevent being hit by them when jumping over the car.
Explosive laser rain
Cochlear boss fire rainstorm
The snail fires thin beams from its antennae that rise above the battlefield then soon rain down in targeted areas in front of the creature, unleashing a hellish stream of flame when a beam lands. A reticule will warn when a beam will close in to land, but the only known way to avoid this attack safely would be to time a jump above the creature just before the first bullet hits the floor and right as the slug hides inside its car so that the player lands safely on the motor vehicle, the only spot not targeted by the creature.




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