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For chargeable weapons in general, see Chargeable weapons.

The Charge Shot is a weapon featured in both Contra: Shattered Soldier and Neo Contra.


A standard projectile weapon with shots that gain power through charging. (Hold the shooting button to charge, then release to fire.)
~ Neo Contra instruction booklet description

The Charge Shot, as its name implies, is a weapon capable of charging by holding down a button then releasing once enough power has been charged, resulting in a more powerful blast than normal.


Contra Shattered Soldier[]

The Charge Shot is a function integrated into the Rifle gun. While the gun sports three different weapons of its own, activating the Charge function can power them up, unleashing a different more powerful blast than normal once fully charged. To charge a selected weapon, double tap and hold quickly the FIRE button or simply press and hold the CHARGE button (Circle by default). If the CHARGE button is simply tapped, a small ovalish orange bullet is fired, which can deliver minor damage to enemies. If the weapon is being charged but is prematurely released before fully charged, the orange bullet slightly increases in size. It is possible to simply rapid tap the CHARGE button to use as a fourth default weapon, the bullet color and size combined with its rapid tap functionality being strongly reminiscent of the original Rifle weapon from Contra.

This is a list of what the weapons become once charged:

Neo Contra[]

The Charge Shot is changed into a standalone standard projectile weapon belonging to the Type B set of weaponry. Each time the FIRE button is pressed, an extremely quick bullet is fired straight ahead, the bullet's appearance being that of a round purple sphere of black hole-like energy that expands once an object or surface is hit. Each bullet fired is slightly weak, but as the weapon's name implies, holding down the FIRE button will charge the weapon with additional energy, delivering more damage if the gun was charged for a brief amount of time prior to fire. When holding down the FIRE button, a laser sight will appear on the Rifle. The weapon takes at least a second in-between shots to reload, overall slightly lacking in heavy-duty rapid firing capabilities.