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Cerberus (汎抗鬼 Hankouki?) is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising.


A monstrous creature of an experiment unleashed by Tiberius at the top of the Capital Tower Building. It appears to halt the heroes' advancement toward the fleeing Emperor. The creature gets its name from the multiple heads it sports, similar to the three-headed mythical beast.

Cerberus has its own unique boss theme.


Cerberus starts off the battle by being directly underneath the player character(s). Once the battle commences, the creature will take large steps toward one direction, forcing the player to stay in-between its legs without receiving damage by them. After a few seconds have passed, the marge mouth underneath its round body will deadly vomit green ooze that stays on the floor for a few seconds. The boss will also launch an ooze ball from each of its heads for a total of two balls at a time. These balls will very slowly home in on a player and can be destroyed with weapons fire. But if destroyed, they leave behind a small puddle of slime. The arms of the beast can be damaged, but the boss's weak point is its round body. Enough damage will cause it to proceed with a different attack strategy.

for the second phase, the boss will leap high and soon land onto the middle of the stage. Crouching can be used to avoid damage from it and using a lock-on weapon or a well angled Spread shot can ensure additional damage inflicted during this time. The boss will slowly lower itself, then within moments it will adjust its body. It then flies in a diagonal pattern across the room wits its arms horizontally stretched outward in a propeller-like motion. As it bounces around the room, it will constantly spew out purple leeches. These leeches do not live very long once they hit a floor and will almost immediately explode but leaving behind a puddle of slime in the process. Contact damage or weapons fire will destroy them prematurely but still cause an ooze puddle to be left in its current vertical place. As before, the body is the Cerberus's weak point.

Damaging the second phase enough will cause it to shift back to the first phase. This time it may shift walking directions after a step. Enough damage will cause it to repeat its second attack one more time before the beast is ultimately defeated for good. The heroes then hang onto a flying missile to chase after Tiberius.



  • The first (and recurring) part of the battle strongly resembles how the Fukinsheen is fought. Both creatures are also genetic mutational experiments.
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