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The Celestial Imperator (黒柳 Kuroyanagi?) is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising.


An experimental baby-like monstrous creature seen inside the Empire Industrial Laboratory. Its full origins are unknown, but it is alluded to during Dr. Mandrake's evacuation. This (or possibly another similar) creature was released some time from stasis captivity to attack the heroes whom helped Dr. Mandrake escape to safety.

As the heroes ride down an elevator to the underground Railway, a creature inside a glass sphere containing green liquid and wrapped in a red-and-blue mechanical device appears.


This battle takes place above a descending elevator. The edges are not barred so players must be wary not to fall off the elevator into the chasm below.

At the start of the battle, the boss will use its twin arms to attack. Each arm has the power to unleash one of the following attacks, one attack at a time for each arm. Both arms may sometimes attack with different attacks each simultaneously:

  • An arm will unleash vertical laser beams onto the elevator floor. Targeting reticules will be set on the surface, then quickly a beam will fire upward, followed by another from an adjacent marker. The trail of laser beams will steadily reach outward to an elevator edge closest to a player. There are also gaps in between each laser beam so either stay in between one of these gaps or carefully Double Jump over the edge of the platform and then back on it once the firing disperses.
  • An arm will hover over a hero and within seconds, will pound itself quickly onto the elevator surface. One way to avoid its attack is to quickly run behind it just before it will unleash the slam.

Each arm can only be damaged when it is above the elevator and not when it is behind it in the background. Once both arms have been eliminated, they return with newer attacks and must both be destroyed once more. For phase 2:

  • Both arms will hover slightly outward above a player character then soon slam to the ground in a vertical pillar-like fashion. When this happens, fireballs rain onto the arena. The arms will then rise up above the elevator and hover around again.

When these second pair of arms are totaled, a third pair emerges, but also the boss enters into the fray. The arms will lock in place above the elevator edges and fire non-harmful sticks rapidly below the elevator. These sticks will extend with harmful electrical energy and spin slowly while rising above and through the elevator until they disappear offscreen, in which an arm will fire another to replace it. At the same time, the boss will hover horizontally and occasionally fire twice a pair of red napalms in an arcing manner above its own position that unleash a brief mid-sized explosion on the elevator floor. Each pair is fired from different heights, and the red napalms can be destroyed safely with weapons fire. Each arm can be destroyed once more, but the boss can be damaged directly during this phase.

Once the boss's Health Gauge is depleted, all projectiles and the arms are destroyed for good. The boss will fall to the floor, its glass sphere shattered with its fluid drained out. It faints as the stage is cleared.



  • The main body of the Celestial Imperator heavily resembles one of the forms of the Triumvirate from Contra: Shattered Soldier. It is possible there may be a connection between the two creatures. Worth noting is that the Celestial Imperator is seen fainting on the floor once it is defeated and not fully destroyed.
  • The Celestial Imperator also strongly resembles Baby from the Dragon Ball series. Baby was also an experiment created by an evil scientist. It is unknown if Dr. Geo Mandrake was directly responsible for the creation of the Celestial Imperator experiments during his work under the Commonwealth Empire.
  • The vertical laser attacks of the Celestial Imperator is a modified version of the Laser Chandelier's attacks in Super C's Stage 4.
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