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You can't outrun my bullets.
~ Catelyn in Contra Returns

Catelyn is a character and one of the protagonists in Contra Returns.


Quiet and detached—that's how she's been ever since the night she was saved by Contra.
~ In-game description

Saved by Bill and Lance when she was a little girl, Catelyn grew up in the care of the Marines. At the age of 16, she officially joined the Marine Corps at Lance's recommendation. Agile and flexible, Catelyn often took on bounty missions all by herself. Sometime later, Catelyn left the Marines and became a mercenary. She returned to the Marine Corps when the Red Falcon re-appeared, and as part of their Elite squad, Catelyn would go on missions together with the members of Team Contra.

Just like a bullet fired from the sniper rifle in her hands, calm and cool Catelyn is a silent but deadly killer. No one knows exactly what's on her mind, not even Bill and Lance, who had saved her from darkness and painstakingly brought her up to become one of the strongest warriors around. Perhaps the only way to understand the real Catelyn is through her missions and her kills.

Catelyn's father was once a senior commander of the now-destroyed Commonwealth. When the Commonwealth fell, he took Catelyn back to his hometown. There, to escape the radar of the newly formed Earth Federation government and to make a living for himself and for Catelyn, he became a hunter in the local hills.

Claudius Germanicus, who was determined to revive the Commonwealth, established the Red Falcon organization in the year 2625 and began to recruit his former Commonwealth subordinates. Catelyn's father was forced by Claudius to join the Red Falcons. However, when he discovered that Claudius was colluding with the aliens, he decided to desert the Red Falcons and take refuge with the Marine Corps with his daughter instead. Unfortunately, he was brutally killed by the Red Falcons during his attempt to escape. Bill and Lance arrived on the scene to find a shivering and terrified Catelyn hiding out in the undergrowth. The two of them brought Catelyn back with them to the Marines' headquarters, where she settled down and later began to learn gunmanship and the art of combat. Catelyn was 12 years old then.

Barracks life passed quickly, and four years on, Catelyn was already a beautiful young lady whose good looks belied the determined warrior that lay within. To the casual observer, though, she was just a teenage girl with a penchant for wearing headphones during training. There is no way we can really learn what's going on in this young girl's mind. Perhaps for her, the music blasting through her headphones was a necessary accompaniment to each and every hate-filled bullet that she fired from her guns.

Catelyn joined the Marine Corps on Lance's recommendation. With four years of advanced training from some top-notch warriors under her belt, as well as her natural aptitude, Catelyn found the Marines' missions to be a piece of cake. Over time, however, Catelyn became rather bored of undertaking bounty missions on her own. She needed a greater challenge and to further hone her abilities. That Catelyn was a lone ranger was a source of great worry to Lance and Bill. How could she possibly take good care of herself on her own? However, each time Catelyn returned from another one of her missions safe and sound—and extremely nonplussed—it was as if she was proving that Bill's worries and constant nagging was unjustified.

Catelyn left the Marine Corps when she was 20 years old, telling Bill that it was because she wanted to be free. Dissuaded by Lance, Bill decided not to stop Catelyn.

In the five years that followed, Catelyn disappeared without a trace, with the only suggestion that she was still alive coming from the rumors of her exploits...

"Bounty Hunter Catelyn Kills Rebel Leader"

"Catelyn Offs Government Official of Country M"

"Assassination Machine Catelyn Pursues Red Falcon Leader in Plain Sight"


All Bill and Lance could do was keep an ear out for these news of Catelyn, no matter how concerning it was. All they could do was wait for their young warrior to appear to them once more.

Catelyn finally returned to the fold when the Red Falcon made its return. Once again, she was with the Marines and fighting alongside Lance Bean and "Strongest Warrior" Bill Rizer.

Still, no one was sure what had happened to Catelyn for the last five years. All anyone knows is that Bill is back at his constant nagging, and that Catelyn's face reveals nothing at all...


  • "I don't earn bounty for you to waste!"
  • "Easy peasy!"


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