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A car is a type of motorized vehicle found on planet Earth. They have made numerous appearances throughout the Contra series, either appearing as minor obstacles, tossed as projectiles, or even as enemies.


Cars are motor vehicles found exclusively on Earth, though Alien forces have their own types of cars, many of them being possibly modified from Earth cars. Cars vary in appearance and size, and many of them are destructible; either by the heroes or enemy forces. Their usage also vary by title, with some cars being driven exclusively by the heroes. Cars tend to make a majority of appearances in City stages, with most motor vehicles unoccupied (the vehicles were likely abandoned following the enemy attacks). Although cars are usually briefly shown in many places, they are a reoccurring object in the Contra series.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

A unoccupied orange Corvette-like sports car is immediately seen a little toward the right side at the beginning of the city street. There is also a billboard next to it in the background advertising the same car. A Grenade Thrower bunkers behind one side of the orange car, lobbing grenades at the heroes. The car has 9 HP and can be destroyed, awarding the player who destroyed it 3,500 points.

An unoccupied Armored Car is located halfway within the same stage. It is never directly stated if this was a vehicle belonging to an ally or an enemy. A hero can hop onboard the armored car and fire its powerful cannon at enemies, while also being safe from harm inside as the hero pilots the vehicle. A partner can also hitch a ride on the backside, though the backseat partner is not safe from enemy bullet fire. The armored car can eventually be destroyed by enemy fire; otherwise, ruptured gas pipes found after the second Fortress Wall will immediately destroy this vehicle, forcing the heroes to continue traveling on foot.

In Contra: The Alien Wars, there is no Grenade Thrower behind the parked car. The car takes 6 hits to eliminate and awards 1,000 points.

Contra: Hard Corps[]

The Hard Corps enter the City stage riding their special motorized heavily armored van. This van resembles a Riley Boonie bug motor vehicle. Ironically, it rams into a ruined car on the road, forcefully ejecting the drivers. Ruined cars resemble a blue Beetle with much damage done to them. They are part of the stage and the heroes must jump over them to proceed. Enemy Zako Robots can also jump over the ruined cars as they run across the area.

A large unoccupied tanker truck appears shortly at the beginning of the city stage, with an enemy Zako Gunner on top aiming at the heroes. The tanker truck barricade must be destroyed in order to proceed further into the stage. This barricade bears a slight resemblance to the Fortress Wall barricade found in Contra III: The Alien Wars, and the former could be a smaller counterpart of the event found in the latter.

During the mid-boss fight with Maximum Jumbo, it may grab a red car from below and toss it at the heroes. The heroes can simply run or slide out of harms way to avoid being smashed by two ton metal.

An inactive rotator device activates and starts spinning rapidly as the heroes hang onto it; it then uses its unoccupied side of the bar to slice through multiple parked red cars before being destroyed itself.

A blue Chevrolet type of car is seen parked outside of a large skyscraper building. On the top of this building is the Powered Ninja Murasame, who soon jumps down and stomps on the unoccupied blue car, completely destroying it.

Modified Junkyard Cars make an appearance in the Junkyard. They appear identical to the ruined car seen in the City (and in fact could be the same type of cars), but these were modified by the enemy to fire out missiles against intruders. These enemy cars can be destroyed with concentrated weapons fire.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Parked armored vehicles are located in two stages; at the start of the Fortress stage and near the start of the City stage. This vehicle resembles a military storage or tanker truck, with its rear tires being treads. The vehicle can be completely avoided, although this is not advisable if the player aims to achieve a high Hit Rate and rank for the stage. The parked vehicle adds 04% to the overall hit rate and grants 400 points to the player who destroyed it.

Contra 4[]

Cars only make a visual appearance in this title. Part of a red car can be seen during the Missile Hugger 3000 fight, after the missile lands on a city road in Stage 4. Other cars are seen in the city, where piles of motor vehicles are wrecked along roads and pits. A few car wrecks can be seen immediately at the beginning of the stage; this damage was probably done by the fleeing humans during Black Viper's invasion, as they frantically tried to escape the destructive alien force.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

Motor vehicles are given a more classical look, appearing more old-style. Cars can be seen driven around and through Capital Highway along various streets and roadways. During stage 4, the elite soldiers are pursued by Police cruisers. They will drive to the side and attempt to lock onto a heroes' position three times, before finally making its move and performing a sharp side bump, eliminating the hero if contact is made. After this move, the police cruiser will become an enemy hazard and can now be shot along the road. Enough damage will cause it to become a burning wreck the heroes must avoid. Some cars may bounce high during its wreck. If two Police cruisers are opposite of each other and attempt a ramming simultaneously, they will collide with each other, instantly decommissioning both vehicles into a burning wreckage. A black shady looking vehicle plays a similar role as a police cruiser. These black cars may belong to the Commonwealth empire, who also pursue the heroes.

Contra: Tournament[]

Vehicles play a much relevant gameplay role in this battle royale game set in the Contra universe. The player lands on an initial spot of a large map and has to complete a series of objectives. Several vehicles –including jeeps, sports cars, motorcycles, boats, and even rockets– can be found parked on many spots of this map, which the player can freely ride to more quickly reach their next objectives.


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