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Not to be confused with C: The Contra Adventure or C (Crush Gun).

C is a portable handheld run-and-gun LCD game developed and published by Konami and released in 1989 in Japan, North America and the PAL region. It is based on the original 1987 game, Contra.


The player takes control of Contra commando, code name: Mad Dog, on a mission to infiltrate Red Falcon's base and put an end to their alien invasion on Earth. For this end, the player counts with a Machine Gun that shoots a barrage of bullets straightforward, although they are limited to only move from side to side of the screen across four lanes. The screen's layout consists of a long corridor inside the enemy base the player has to make their way through.

Enemies consist of Greeders (worth 10 points) and Orians (worth 30 points) that enter the screen from the far end of the corridor and advance toward the foreground, where the player is positioned. Even if they come armed, Greeders just limit themselves to charge forward in an attempt to bump into the player. While they can move from side to side to avoid the player's fire, their movement is limited and are relatively easy to shoot, although they become faster and can move between lanes more frequently on more advanced levels. Orians, on the other hand, can only move on the first and third lanes (counting from left to right), although they are much faster and can freely jump between both lanes, which can take the player by surprise, making them more dangerous overall.

The corridor's left wall is equipped with three chambers from where small missiles are randomly launched at the player (these cannot be destroyed). When one of these missiles is launched, it will head straight toward the player's current position, so they'll have to quickly move away from that lane or they'll surely get hit.

The left wall also has mounted monitors separated a determined distance from each other, some of which will display numbers that indicate the player's current location within the base. These numbers will progressively decrease as the player moves forward, informing their proximity to the end of the base, where the boss is located.

Once the boss is reached, pairs of missiles will start being launched from the left chambers, but this time only alternating between two trajectories: the second and third lanes, and the third and fourth lanes. The first lane (leftmost one) is safe from missiles' fire. Greeders and Orians will keep appearing and charging forward during the boss fight. The player has to start shooting at the four sections of the far end wall to find and uncover a Falcon Phaso-Sensor (core). Once revealed, they have to keep shooting it until it is destroyed, which will defeat the boss as a whole and earn the player big bonus points. The player then advances to the next area with increased difficulty and about double the speed of the previous area. The game consists of three bases the player has to clear; the first base has only one Phaso-Sensor, the second one has two, and the third and final base has four Phaso-Sensors.

Once the third base has been destroyed, a "CONGRATULATIONS" message will appear on the screen, the "All Stage Clear" and "Game Over" themes will play, and then the game will end.



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  • There is some discrepancy as to who the hero of this game really is. The game is a portable reimagining of the pseudo-3D corridor levels of the original Contra, and the handheld console features the same artwork as the cover of the NES version of that game, hinting the hero is either Bill Rizer or Lance Bean. The description on the package states the protagonist is "Mad Dog", which is Bill's code name in Contra and Super C; however, the in-game character strongly resembles Lance instead, having long black hair, wearing a bandanna, and being shirtless.

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