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A huge combat robot that demonstrates great mobility on the water. It has the ability to enter the atmosphere alone. It is literally a big mound, even though it is still in the early stages of development.

The Burstrick Rider is a boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


A huge battle robot that demonstrates great mobility on the water due to its several rocket thrusters and jetski-like feet.

It introduces itself by launching a large missile-launching boat from the sky and then crashes into the water. The giant robot itself comes from the sky and then proceeds to attach the boat to a long chain. A close-up shot reveals his right eye glowing, then the camera zooms back to normal view where the player character(s) appear behind his giant back, preparing the fight ahead.


Phase 1[]

The boss battle itself involves eliminating three major pieces of the boss itself. when a part is destroyed, the fight may alter but otherwise the boss's pattern roughly remains the same throughout. The attacks are as followed with changes below, in the specific following order:

Attack Description
Starting off the battle is the boss's large backpack unloading mines one at a time. These mines when close to a player's vertical direction, will explode in a large pillar that can reach a player if they are not high enough. To make matters worse, the boss simultaneously launches small shoulder rockets that slowly home in on player characters. After unleashing three mines, the boss makes a large leap into the water, while closing in on the left side of the screen. He will make two large leaps total before he covers the left side of the screen. The player(s) must take the opportunity to move under the boss when it leaps high into the air. If successful, the hero(es) will be between the boss and the chained boat, with the large metal chain directly underneath the hero(es).

The backpack is a part that must be annihilated to defeat the boss. If it is destroyed, then this phase of the battle is drastically reduced, leaving the boss to almost immediately perform his two-leap attack.

The boat must be destroyed to weaken the boss. When destroyed, the chain no longer hinders the space the players are in, allowing for more maneuvering room. The boss will then perform a slow electrified chain whip directly in front of him. The chain whip does not reach very far and can be avoided by hugging the right side of the screen.

The sub-machine gun is a part that must be eliminated to defeat the boss. If destroyed, the boss will only rely on its shoulder rockets for ranged attacking.

Phase 2[]

When all of its pieces are destroyed, the boss's chest will light up and soon open up an energy cannon from its chest. Once open, it immediately unleashes a slow producing large laser beam that covers the entire space in front of itself. The only safe spot is directly above the laser. After firing it, it closes the cannon and unleashes another electric whip strike, followed by a few more shoulder rockets before repeating the process with its cannon once more. The chest laser is the final weak point and must be eliminated with concentrated fire. Enough damage will destroy the giant bot for good, allowing the heroes to progress into the sea power plant.





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