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His arsenal includes a pistol, machine gun or a hand grenade. When it comes to jumping, no one can hold a candle to Burns.
~ Contra Force instruction booklet

Burns is the main protagonist in Contra Force. He is the leader of the C-Force independent law enforcement group.


Burns is the leader of the C-Force, an independent law enforcement group residing in Neo City in 1992. He is a well-balanced character who can perform effectively in most situations. He comes armed with a Pistol, a machine gun, and a hand grenade, which makes him a good option for medium to long distance combat.

At the beginning of the game, Burns receives a phone call from a person only identified as "Fox", who informs him that the head of intelligence is in "serious trouble". With only this ambiguous information, both men agree to meet at an old warehouse located at the edge of the harbor. However, when Burns arrives, he finds Fox's dead body lying on the ground, while a mysterious fiend emerges from the shadows and, addressing him by name, tells him now they will have to eliminate him too.


  • His name appears as "Burn" in multiple instances throughout published media, indicating this may have been his intended name during development. The name "Burn" can be seen:
    • Written through the instruction booklet for Contra Force each time the character is mentioned or named.
    • The game's backside of the box cover. Within that same cover also exists an earlier image of the game listing his earlier name.
    • Multiple pre-release gameplay screenshots used in game magazines. Some screenshots are later reused on the final game's box cover backside.
  • Unused side-view sprites exist for Burns tossing grenades in a similar fashion as Grenade Throwers, indicating he was meant to throw them instead of firing them from his gun as he does so in the final. The sprites are implemented in the game, making it seem unclear as to why they do not play out during gameplay (most likely due to a glitch).[2]





  • Despite wielding a pistol in artwork, his sprite is always wielding the Machine Gun, even when starting off with the default Pistol weapon.
  • An image of Burns from the instruction manual depicts him with a Bazooka, despite him not having access to the weapon (Beans uses a Bazooka in-game).
  • Burns' sprite consist of blue pants and a red colored upper half. This is similar to Bill Rizer's NES sprite from Contra, who wears blue pants and a red colored bandanna. Both characters also represent the role as the main protagonist or player 1 character within their respective games.

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  2. Unused Graphics | Contra Force at the Cutting Room Floor.
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