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Only the dead can see the end of the war.
~ Burgess in Contra Returns

Burgess is a playable character in Contra Returns.


The son of the Northern Warlord, who died in the Zombie War to protect Dhanusha, was used by the Empire as a subject of zombie experiments. Dr. Mandrake injected him with an alien virus, and eventually he woke up to become the strongest Cyborg.
~ In-game description

The loud explosion pierced the silent night sky, and the few medicine bottles left on Mandrake's test bench fell to the ground and shattered, but Burgess hadn't found the antiviral serum he wanted.

"It's the Navy." Burgess received the news, he was still not reconciled, but he could only go, "Plan B."

Unexpectedly, the naval forces also attacked the rebel laboratory at this time of night, but Burgess had already designed a very secret and convenient retreat route. They were small and difficult to deal with frontal confrontation. Ten seconds later, the laser bombs arranged on the entrance passage were detonated, and in the beam, the attack speed of the naval forces slowed down slightly.

Burgess led his men to leave quickly, and they had experienced many guerrilla invasions and retreats. Escaping, hiding, sneaking into abandoned laboratories, and fighting against viruses have long become the normal life of this group of people. Some of them were victims of alien or zombie viruses, some were opponents of biochemical technology, and some came to find missing relatives and friends. Some participated in the search for a cure.

Their purpose was not war, but survival. In order to survive, they gathered together. With his excellent commanding skills, Burgess deployed operational plans and designed advance and retreat routes, which greatly reduced the risk of casualties and became a well-deserved leader. And in the retreat plan designed by Burgess, he would always be the last one.

Burgess escaped from the tunnel under the cover of the laser, and no one was injured. But on the way back to their foothold, they encountered an ambush. This time, the companions waiting for Burgess to quickly find out the countermeasures did not receive any instructions, they just saw the stagnation of time on his face.

"Burgess—" a slightly hoarse voice fell through the night in everyone's ears. Under the moonlight, he had already discerned her outline. That young woman with a bow and arrow, years had not taken away her youth and beauty.

"Dhanusha—" Burgess blurted out her name, and she had not changed, just like thirty years ago——

After the army's preparation drill was over, Burgess looked worriedly at the red sunset, which was the direction where the imperial federal troops and the zombie army were about to invade. Suddenly, the sound of fast horseshoes came, and Burgess turned around to meet him. In the backlight, the girl's long hair was blowing in the wind, and the horse galloped. In this way, the two stood facing each other on the line of fire between the North and South warlords.

Burgess looked obsessively at the bright and charming girl in front of him, and for a moment, he forgot that he was on the battlefield. Suddenly, Dhanusha raised her arrow and drew her bow, "Knight, go and tell your general that Dhanusha of the southern army is going to have a showdown with him!"

Burgess saluted calmly and smiled slightly, "Thank you, he already knows."

Dhanusha looked suspiciously at the man in front of her. He took off his helmet and shook his shiny curly hair.

"I'm Burgess, it seems that you haven't received the news of the truce." The man opened the truce agreement in front of Dhanusha.

It turned out that the federal imperial army and the zombie army suddenly invaded from the northwest of the country, and the warlords of the north and the south had reached an agreement to put aside their previous suspicions and fight against the enemy together.

"The war is coming, and we will fight together." Burgess said solemnly, "So, you can go back."

"I want to stay and fight." Dhanusha said firmly.

"Okay!" It seemed that Burgess agreed too quickly, and Dhanusha was surprised and couldn't believe it. She found him smiling heartily at her, shiny and bright.

Suddenly, there was an urgent report that the zombie army launched an attack at sunset! The roar of fighter jets came from far and near, and in a blink of an eye, flames flew and thick smoke rose.

Burgess immediately commanded the army to meet the enemy, and Dhanusha joined the team and stood ready to go.

Fighting continued into the night and into the dawn, from sunset to sunrise.

The sky was getting brighter, and the broken imperial battle flag was inserted crookedly among the wreckage, and the flagpole was cut off in the middle. After a night of fierce fighting, the imperial troops and the zombie army were repelled. Burgess confirmed the situation and deployed troops to Hugh.

Dhanusha finally experienced the war she wanted. No, she didn't want war. The woman looked at the battlefield full of corpses, her face was full of heaviness and compassion that did not match her age. She bode farewell to Burgess, now that they'd exchanged glances, lived and died together. Dhanusha embarked on the return journey with her love and reluctance. She would personally explain the war to her father and stand by her relatives against the enemy.

Dhanusha didn't know that an enemy mechanical fighter full of bullet marks quietly started after she left, and the "fish that slipped through the net" silently aimed the laser cannon barrel at herself. She only heard the sound of galloping horses, turned her head, and met Burgess' eyes again.

At this time, she saw a cloud of fighter planes approaching like a dark cloud, another round of attacks. Dhanusha galloped toward Burgess. He yelled at her and raced alongside the cannonball for the last minute, protecting her before the cannonball fell. And the laser cannon pierced Burgess's armor, and blood oozed out, staining Dhanusha's dress red.

Burgess fell into a trance, Dhanusha's cries fading in his ears, the warmth of her tears falling on his face as the final touch. "You will always be my knight—" before the words were finished, a dense attack came, and Dhanusha was rescued by the rescue troops of the Southern Army.

When the new wave of attack was repelled, Dhanusha ran to the place where Burgess fell regardless of the pain, but he was nowhere to be seen. She searched for bodies similar to Burgess one by one on the battlefield full of corpses, broken body and arms, she identified them one by one with grief, "Not him, not..." Dhanusha did not find Burgess, she was both sad for the dead and secretly glad. Many people said that Burgess must be dead, that he laid among the bloody bodies, but she knew that it was not him. Burgess disappeared, and no one had heard of him.

Until Dhanusha became the "Ruler's Arrow", a national goddess who resisted alien invasions again and again, led the army of the northern and southern warlords to fight together to wipe out the remnants of the Empire and the zombie army, and faced the leader of the Empire. The hideous chief gave Dhanusha a vicious smile and told her that she would never find the one who mattered her the most. Dhanusha still did not give up. She had been searching for thirty years, and she firmly believed that they would meet again.

Thirty years later, Dhanusha looked at her former lover with tears in his eyes. She was still bright and charming, as if she had never aged, and he was as young and handsome as when they parted, as if time had taken care of him.

Burgess didn't say what happened in the past thirty years, and Dhanusha didn't ask further, as if she had a tacit understanding. Burgess was tired of the war, but no matter what, they didn't want to be parted from each other again.

In this way, Burgess followed Dhanusha and joined the Soul Army.

Burgess became Dhanusha's capable subordinate. On the battlefield, he used soldiers like a god and protected Dhanusha well. But Dhanusha gradually felt that Burgess was different from before, and there seemed to be a solid wall between them. Although Burgess had always kept distance from her, Dhanusha respected his choice. She was waiting for the day when Burgess could open up to her, until one day——

The Soul troops and Bahamut's rebels met on the battlefield. This time, all the opponents received Dr. Mandrake's "New Humanity 5.0" transformation injection. The virus in Burgess' body, which was contaminated with alien blood, was activated, and he felt some kind of heat coming out of his body. The Devil was coming.

Burgess propped himself up with the remaining reason, away from his teammates and Dhanusha, he was afraid, terrified, if they found out, she found that there was the most disgusting thing hidden inside his body, Burgess could not imagine in that case, he ran away.

Dhanusha, who found Burgess missing again, fell into a panic. She looked for him everywhere, calling Burgess' name over and over again, and came to an abandoned warehouse alone, and finally found him curled up in the corner, trembling all over. Burgess.

Dhanusha moved closer to him, but Burgess grabbed her outstretched hand with such force that it nearly broke her wrist. Dhanusha looked up in amazement, and met a pair of blood-red terrifying eyes. That bloodthirsty look, like a wild beast losing its mind, is an alien! The terrified Dhanusha backed away. However, when that distorted familiar face showed a painful expression, it made her feel even more pitiful and distressed. Dhanusha rushed forward and hugged Burgess tightly. She wanted to restrain it, restrain it, restrain... No matter what he became, even if he was an alien, he was still Burgess!

However, Burgess pushed Dhanusha away, and then a bloody smell rushed into her nostrils. In order not to hurt Dhanusha, Burgess pierced himself with a sharp object.

In the middle of the night, in the medical room of the Soul Army, the lights were as bright as day.

A day and a night had passed since Dhanusha stayed by the side of the rescued Burgess.

Burgess' bloodstained armor laid beside the bed, and Dhanusha would never forget what she saw after helping him remove it.

The "skin" under the armor was covered with terrible scars, raised blood vessels, and many needle holes. Dhanusha had seen similar lesions on victims of alien virus and zombie virus, and Burgess, even both.

Dhanusha's heart was startled and hurt, but she didn't say anything, but silently changed him into clean clothes.

When Burgess woke up and saw that his armor had been put aside, he knew, and she knew. Confusion, guilt and inferiority made him sink to the bottom of his heart. He wanted to find a place to hide immediately and never face her again. Dhanusha came in, she just brought a glass of juice and didn't ask him anything.

A few days later, Dhanusha's silent protection finally gave Burgess the courage to confess.

It turned out that Burgess did not die that year, but was captured by the Empire. The Empire wanted to use him to blackmail the rebel army, but he was too seriously injured, and finally became the subject of a zombie experiment. Burgess, who was injected with the zombie virus, never woke up, and his body quietly fell into a coma. After the Empire was shattered, a small group of zombie research remnants transferred Burgess and other experimenters, hoping to use zombie research to rebuild the imperial regime one day. Their attempt was completely extinguished after Bahamut rebelled against the Republic.

Bahamut accidentally wiped out the hidden remnants of the Empire, obtained zombie technology, and gave the entire laboratory as a gift to Dr. Mandrake. Mandrake was very pleasantly surprised when he saw Burgess, and injected the "New Human 5.0" he was developing into Burgess. The zombie virus and the alien virus took effect at the same time, and Burgess woke up...

Mandrake declared Burgess the strongest cyborg. No, perhaps even Mandrake himself didn't know whether this man, who was dripping with the blood of zombies, aliens and humans, could still be called a human being?

When Burgess woke up, the old nightmares of empires and zombies had turned into ashes. However, the suffering of human beings did not disappear. Alien invasion, decadent rule, endless war, everything, even more than his worse before falling asleep.

Burgess did not become a weapon of the rebel army as Mandrake hoped. He had his own thoughts, power that no one could control, and, although thirty years apart, he had no outdated combat experience and never lost commanding talent. Bahamut admired Burgess very much. To some extent, he felt that Burgess was very similar to himself. They were not the kind of brave and invincible enemies, but the leaders of all the strength and sharpness on the battlefield. Their eyes look farther than those who charge into battle, pointing directly at the essence of war.

"Want to start a new era with me? A really bright and hopeful era." Bahamut sincerely invited Burgess, and also revealed to him that Mandrake was developing a virus-suppressing serum so that he could recover his human self, leading warriors into battle as they did thirty years ago.

"Can people who have accepted the power of the Devil still usher in an era of light?" Burgess smiled faintly. As for the serum, he would find his own way to get it.

Burgess finally escaped from the rebels. Surprisingly, Bahamut did not seem to try his best to stop him. Perhaps Bahamut was not really ready, leaving this exploding danger at any time. He and Mandrake were still working on the research that could restore Burgess to normal, hoping to fully control him in the future.

Burgess rejected Bahamut on one hand because he did not agree with the other faction, but the most fundamental reason was that he clearly knew the changes in his body. Although he had not completely turned into a zombie or an alien like those failed experiments, this terrible force was swallowing him, and he could not meet Dhanusha in this form.

Now, they finally saw each other.

Burgess wiped away Dhanusha's tears, "When one day I can't control the virus in my body, use your handed down bow to end my life and let me die as a human being."

Dhanusha shook her head, she had to find a way to save Burgess! This time, it was her turn to protect Burgess.

Since then, Dhanusha had only let him do command work, trying to slow the rate at which the virus was consuming his body. At the same time, she tried her best to find a way to cure Burgess.

For Burgess, who had already died once, being able to stay by Dhanusha's side every day was like a gift. He no longer worried about the future, but only cherished this moment beside Dhanusha.


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