The Bugger (把妖虫 バッカー Wa Yōchū Bakkā?, lit. "Demon Insect Guard Bugger") is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. They are newborn aliens which quickly scurry along the floor or ceiling.


Buggers are scorpion-like alien critters that incubate and hatch from living ovums known as Eggrons. When facing intruders, they will either leap at them, pounce diagonally from the ceiling, or just continue their way, bumping into any enemies that happen to be on their path.

In Contra, they only appear in the final stage, Alien's Lair. They are the only critters running on the ground of this level, and even for their short appearance, they make their entrance just a few steps before the final boss. This makes this area arguably easy as the player only has to watch out for Wadders and Gels for the majority of time. During the final confrontation against Gomeramos King, while some Buggers will just rush past and ignore the player, others will intentionally make an attempt to kill them.

Buggers make their return in both versions of Super Contra, although they appear in different stages. In the arcade version, they appear in the third stage, Jungle, harassing the player by dropping from the top of palm trees or by leaping from the ground, often aided by trees in the foreground that block the player's view. In the NES version, Buggers are spawned from Eggrons in Stage 7 as the player makes their way to the deep bottom before reaching Dethgerbis. This variant is considerably faster than that from the arcade version.

In Operation C, Buggers are found contained inside of large glass tubes in a laboratory, from which they break out and scurry toward the player.

In Contra III: The Alien Wars, they are once again encountered defending Gomeramos King, just as they did in the first game, and follow the same attack patterns.






  • The shape and manner these enemies behave, as well as the type of organic hatches they are born from, are a direct reference to the facehuggers and ovomorphs from the Alien franchise.
    • Furthermore, the word "Bugger" is phonetically similar to "Facehugger".
  • The Maksurion, an enemy from Gradius II, also by Konami and based on the facehugger as well, behaves identical to a Bugger.

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