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Let's party!
~ Browny in Contra Returns

Browny is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Officially named Model CX-1-DA-300 Combat Robot, the team calls him "Browny" due to his cute personality.
~ In-game description

Before serving in the army, all robots would be checked for chips and data cleared, but deep in Browny's "heart", there is a file named "K".

It was Researcher M, the final manufacturer of the robot Browny, who kindly left this file. After making a backup of Browny, M opened the last diary numbered 201 again.

"This is the 201st recording of the production process. I am Researcher K—" In the video, a big boy with a warm smile appeared, M's friend and colleague, Researcher K, and the creator of Browny. There was a gunshot nearby, and the boy frowned, "Recently, there have been attacks outside, and the laboratory has been robbed a few times... I must hurry up, I have reached the final part of character adjustment, I can't improve Browny's AI level, so he's often goofy, but being a cute guy doesn't prevent him from being calm and sharp in combat, right?"

Suddenly, with a bang, the door was knocked open, and a frightened face appeared behind K on the screen, it was M. The submachine gun is on M's waist, and the terrorists have come to rob weapons and rare materials again. The sound of fire from the window came, and it was the Iron Blood Legion who rushed to rescue. The cold-blooded and vicious thugs who retreated after ransacking the laboratory did not intend to let go of the two young researchers. When one of them pulled the trigger, K jumped at M and blocked the bullet for him. The video continued to play, and blood flowed down the camera, staining the entire screen red. There was another burst of shooting, and the picture was cut off amidst the shaking.

M's eyes were wet, and that horrible morning reappeared in his mind -- his shot right arm moved away from K who was lying on his body, K opened his mouth slightly, as if to say something, K's eyes straightened looking straight at the punctured partition. M followed K's line of sight and walked over, and found the hidden Browny behind the partition. Browny stood quietly, the shell was hit by bullets in many places, it seemed to be completely unaware of what happened just now.

M wiped the liquid from the corner of his eyes and continued to operate. The option "Delete" popped up on the screen, and the finger above the keyboard simply pressed down to delete the video No. 201. "May you only have K's warmest smile in your heart." With such hope, M checked all the diaries again.

Number 001:

"This is the first recording of the production process. I am K. I am seven years old today." Looking at the childish K on the screen, the corners of M's mouth slightly curled up. "My father is a robot research expert. I also want to be a robot researcher like him. No, a research expert, a super research expert. So I decided, I want to be a combat robot, which can fight and resist, isn't that great!"

Number 002:

"They bullied me again, laughed at me for being short, and called me pudding. I don't want to eat pudding anymore! What's the matter with being small? I'm small, nimble and agile, with strong concealment, and my eyesight can notice places that others ignore... Now, I'll make a little robot! No one is allowed to call me pudding, I like brownies the most, so let's name it Browny." Then, the boy on the screen took a bite of the brownie in his hand.


Number 005:

"This is the fifth record of the production process. I am K. Today, my father told me a lot about the types of robots. It turns out that there are many types of combat robots. I have to think about the positioning and functions of Browny. Isn't it cool to be good at espionage?"

Number 020:

"This is the twentieth production record, and I'm K. Just now, I had my first fight with my mother because she lost the small components I welded together last month. I'm very sad, but it seems that mother is even more sad, she even yelled at my father, saying that I am too young to touch these things. I am not young, I am already nine years old!"


Number 021:

"This is the 21st recording of the production process. I am Researcher K. It has been 13 years since the last recording... Today, I finally passed the certification of my professional researcher..." In the video, K's eyes were red and he was a little choked up, "Yes, I am already a researcher. Although I am still a long way from being a super research expert, that is still my goal. Dad, I hope you can see me now, and Mom, I I know your worries, but I would rather you be proud of me. I miss you and may you be safe in Heaven."

Number 050:

"This is the 50th recording of the production process. I am Researcher K. I have added diverse information processing and linking capabilities to Browny, which can handle a lot of complex intelligence, but for a super-capable messenger, these aren't nearly enough..."

Number 100:

"This is the 100th recording of the production process. I am researcher K. I dreamed of my father yesterday. He showed me the robot model in the laboratory. I was immediately attracted by those little robots. When I woke up, I was so excited to equip Browny with many mini robots, but what are they useful for? Keep it a secret now!... Thank you, Dad."

Number 109:

"This is the 109th record of the production process. I am Researcher K. The super electromagnetic yo-yo and the shield chaser electromagnetic yo-yo shield are more difficult than imagined. Mom, do you remember the yo-yo game I played with when I was young?... It will definitely be done."


M finished reading all the video diaries, and it was already late at night. He checked all the technical parameters again, and after confirming that they were correct, he solemnly said in his heart, "K, I finally helped you fulfill your wish. Browny will take you with me enter the Hard Corps, participate in the battle, and complete the mission!" M entered the password to start Browny, and the signal light in the robot's eyes lit up, "Hi, hello! My name is... Browny, Nicholas's Ni." Browny said to M after saying hello, M looked at Browny, as if seeing K at the age of seven. The research and development of each robot has devoted the effort and spirit of the researchers, and K is the soul of Browny.


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