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Browny is an unlockable playable character featured in Contra: Operation Galuga.

He was voiced by David Errigo Jr.


Another member of the Hard Corps crew, Browny is Sheena's spotter and trusted robotic ally, who questions her decision not to shoot at a pain-stricken Bradley. He specializes in defensive tactics and even has a triple jump.[1]

Appearance and personality[]

Browny's design has been drastically changed from his original Contra: Hard Corps design, and now appears as a more anthropomorphic robot with a mainly yellow color scheme. The model number CX-1-DA can be seen on his chest, possibly referencing the original Browny's involvement with the Probotector unit from Probotector (MD). His body also sports multiple tiny arrows, with two larger red arrow designs (one each) on his shoulder platings.


Browny's icon color is black. His grappling hook involves extending his own neck and grappling using his head to pull up his own body. When Browny clears a stage, where he stands idle afterward. He will perform the "robot" dance as his victory pose during the Score tally.

Like the other HC Unit members, many of his weapons are large-scale different variants from normal:


  • "Maybe this one." - Switching weapons.
  • "Change is good." - Switching weapons.
  • "You are not going to shoot him?" - Browny's single line in the comic book-style ending, questioning the Mysterious Sniper's actions.


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