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Officially known as Model CX-1-DA300 Combat Robot, the members of the force refer to him as "Browny" because of his warm personality. His ability to link up with numerous data systems makes him an unsurpassed intelligence tool.
~ Hard Corps instruction booklet

Browny (ブラウニー Buraunī?), officially known as Model CX-1-DA300 Combat Robot, is a character in Contra: Hard Corps.


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Weapon Description Image Notes


Browny Weapon A Icon (Hard Corps)

Victory Laser

A rapid-fire laser which shoots a V-shaped beam.
Browny Weapon A
Piercing, and can turn 360° angles, but difficult and somewhat slow to steer properly.


Browny Weapon B Icon (Hard Corps)

Gemini Scatter

Returns like a boomerang.
Browny Weapon B
Encircles around Browny until they return or they leave the screen with their slightly increasing orbit speed.


Browny Weapon C Icon (Hard Corps)

Electromagnetic Yo-Yo

Holding the button down causes it to automatically attack the enemy.
Browny Weapon C
Quite powerful and piercing.


Browny Weapon D Icon (Hard Corps)

Shield Chaser

Holding the button down causes it to rotate around Browny, releasing it fires it at an enemy.
Browny Weapon D
Six glowing red/blue bullets will surround Browny and once all of them make contact with an enemy or disperse, a new set of six bullets will or can be formed. Upon release, this weapon contains homing capabilities.


  • Pressing the C button during a jump causes Browny to hover.
  • Holding the JUMP button on the second jump will allow Browny to slow his descent. Releasing the JUMP button during the second jump will make him descend at normal speed. Slow descending is useful for crossing extremely large gaps or for better evasion tactics.
  • Browny is generally regarded as the easiest character to use in the game due to his small stature/hitbox, which makes him harder to hit by enemies, his ability to hover, and the tracking ability and large damage output of his Electromagnetic Yo-Yo. However, he's still weaker than Brad Fang, who has the Power Punch/Psychic Blaster exploit.






  • Already being a robot since its design conception, Browny is the only playable character in Contra: Hard Corps to remain physically unchanged in the European PAL version, Probotector.
  • Browny is also the only character to have two different waiting animations. The first one is similar to Ray Poward's, where he holds his gun vertically as he moves up and down in an idle position. His second waiting animation has him staring directly at the player in a somewhat hunched position, with him doing nothing but standing and blinking.
  • Browny's death sound plays when the Debug/Test code is activated in Contra: Hard Corps.
  • During the Space Station stage's opening cutscene, Browny is the only character to have blue handcuffs instead of red. This is probably because of the jetpack equipped to his back, so larger cuffs were needed. Or they could be energy restraints specifically designed for use on robots.
  • Browny is arguably the shortest non-alien character in the entire game, with his sprite smaller than even most enemy creatures.
  • Browny's Contra: Tournament incarnation heavily resembles the character Bumblebee from the Transformers live action film series, being a humanoid robot colored in yellow who transforms into a sports car.
  • Browny makes a guest appearance as a playable character in the "Operation Guns" DLC of the roguelike shoot 'em up game, Vampire Survivors.

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  1. Contra: Hard Corps instruction booklet, page 6.

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