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Brother Robots Kenny 1 & 2 (兄弟ロボ ケニ1号&2号 Kyoudai Robo Keni Ichigou & Nigou?, lit. "Brothers Robo Kenny 1 & 2") are a pair of minibosses in the Contra series. They are two robot brothers with mounted machine guns for arms.


Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

Encountered in the Factory Zone, right before the Big Fuzz boss fight; one is colored red while the other is blue. Both Brother Robots Kenny hop around and attack the player with gunfire and tackles, and they can also hang from the ceiling and walls. After sustaining enough damage, their lower body busts off and the remaining torso frantically scurries and jumps around until destroyed.

A good strategy to defeat them is to stay on the walls and ceiling while constantly firing at them.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

The Brother Robots Kenny make a reappearance in The Contra Adventure, reprising their role as minibosses preceding the Big Fuzz boss fight, although with a few different attacks. In this game, they feature a more humanoid frame rather than a skeletal one, and instead of just hopping, they mainly move by slowly walking around.

All their attack patterns are variants of those they had in Contra III. While each still has a cannon in place of its right arm, it fires a short stream of fire this time around. Also, they can still cling onto the ceiling.

After sustaining enough damage, their lower body will once again get destroyed and the torso will remain attacking by jumping around; however, it won't scurry along the floor like in the previous game and will instead perform very large jumps which allow it to travel from one end of the room to the opposite in a single leap in an attempt to bump into the player.




  • The Brother Robots Kenny are based on the Snatchers, the title antagonists from Konami's 1988 video game, Snatcher, originally released on the PC-8801 and MSX2 Japanese computers.
    • The Snatchers are in turn based on the T-800 cybernetic organism from the Terminator franchise. This reference is further supported by how they keep going after getting their legs taken out, emulating one of the climactic scenes from the first film.
  • The Reapers from Contra 4 strongly resemble the Brother Robots Kenny and may be a continuation or mass-produced variant of their technology.

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