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Brad Fang, formerly known as Bradley, is a playable character featured in Contra: Operation Galuga.

Both his former human self, Bradley, and his werewolf form, Brad Fang, were voiced by Kaiji Tang.


A down-on-his-luck mercenary, Bradley joined the Red Falcon army but quickly went AWOL when he discovered their true ambitions. He hopes the Contra unit is his way off the island.[2]

Bradley is first encountered during the Contra Unit's travels through a Red Falcon base. He is driving on a hover bike alongside a squadron of Red Falcon units when he spots the Contras. As the Contras take aim, he immediately pleads for them not to shoot, removing his helmet and explaining his situation. He states he was being experiment on, wondering why he was let free from his captivity. He fears someone is out to kill him and begs the commandos to get him off the island to safety. The commandos have other current ideas however, requesting Bradley to assist them with the search for the Red Falcon Lieutenant. Bradley begins to argue frantically, when soon a sniper sight is seen in front of him, taking aim. A quick bullet is fired and hits Bradley's right arm, causing him to flinch with fear. With this attempt on his life, he bids the commandos goodbye before speeding heavily ahead out or sight.

Bradley had proven to be a survivor as he is next seen on the Ice Train, during a commando raid against the zombified GX Army. As a train door blows open, a squadron of GX units ambush the commandos but easily eliminate the platoon. Bradley is seen behind the dead units, and once the green clad soldiers are eliminated, Bradley says his hellos with Contra once more. During the conversation, he begins to ache in pain. When asked by Contra, he toughens out his pain and states he is fine. He requests once more if he can get help from Contra off the island. As he begins to plead with reasoning, he is once again shot by a Mysterious Sniper, hiding in a snowfield lump. Bradley screams as the impact of the sniper bullet knocks him off the train. The commandos simply continue their mission, leaving then to wonder if Bradley survived.

If Bradley's life was saved, an additional scene at the end of the Operation Galuga is played, revealing his fate. Bradley is seen in an unknown open location outside the remains of the Alien Hive, succumbing to his internal pain. As a Mysterious Sniper takes aim from a high cliff, the Sniper hesistaes, with a robotic high pitched voice questioning as to why the mercenary was spared. The Sniper explains that it is too late, that the mercenary has already been imprinted to Bill and Lance, being genetically remapped and given the mission to eliminate the Contra Unit. The next scene reveals Bradley transforming into a lycanthrope-like beast.

Appearance and personality[]

Bradley appears as a Red Falcon unit with metal arms and facial hair, opting to remove the helmet with his uniform. He is quite fearful of his life, due to a combination of Red Falcon experimentation and the attempts on his life.

As Brad Fang, he appears as a bipedal lycanthrope wielding a gatling gun on one arm.


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Although his human form is unplayable, his Brad Fang form is an unlockable character once the story mode is cleared with Bradley himself spared from Red Falcon's wrath. Brad Fang comes with a default of 4 Health Bars, tied with Stanley Ironside for having the most HP out of all playable characters. Brad Fang's assigned icon color is brown.



Sprites and models[]



  • Like his mainline counterpart, Brad Fang's arm cannon swaps arm positions when turning directions. However, this issue also happens with other characters with similar traits (such as Lance Bean).
  • During the transformation scene at the comic book-style ending, Bradley is shown with two identical metal arms, but when he becomes Brad Fang, his right arm is shown to have his Gatling Gun arm.

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