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Uprising Crate

A crate from Hard Corps: Uprising.

Boxes are square containers sometimes featured in the Contra series. They normally serve various purposes, such as being obstacles or item containers.


Contra Force[]

Weapon Power-ups take on the form of a small, armored box, appearing strongly like a suitcase. These pickups will allow a character access to their special weapons and skills and can be found when destroying stage environment.

Large metal crates appear in the Construction Site. Some are used as part of a scale to reach higher ground. Others appear near the end of the area, and are stacked high and wide, blocking access to the end roof. They also block a control panel for a crusher positioned above them. The heroes must shoot their way through the metal crates to reach the control panel before the crusher smashes them all. Luckily, the crates are rather fragile.

C: The Contra Adventure[]

Weapon Power-ups and items can be found within yellow boxes marked with a red C. Fire at these grounded boxes to reveal their contents.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

Multiple types of boxes are utilized:

  • Metal treasure boxes are commonly found within stages. When a character gets close to one, it will open, revealing its contents out into the open to collect. Treasure boxes always contain Items such as Life ups or Score medals. They appear in black, sometimes hiding in plain sight behind out of the way paths. Gold treasure chests are hidden and contain a rarer item like a Star trophy. To uncover them, a character needs to touch the spot the gold chest is invisibly hiding at.
  • Wooden crates appear as obstacles within some levels. sometimes they appear in stacked groups while other times a single wooden crate is on the floor. Crates can be Vaulted over using the Vault action. They can also be destroyed and will fill the Combo Meter when they are hit, but they possess no items inside.
  • Cardboard Boxes are scattered throughout the shipping floors of the Empire Industrial Laboratory‎. A character can take one with them during their stealthy break-in. To pick up a cardboard box, simply crouch while next to it. When picked up, the box remains on the character's head as they move. They cannot attack while carrying the box but can still jump. A Cardboard box can be used to bypass the cameras and security guards in the area. When adopting a prone position, the moment the box fully touches the ground, the player's sprite will fully vanish, leaving only the box they are hiding within. As long as the player is remaining prone, they cannot move but are completely undetected by the enemy's vision. If a guard is walking nearby, he will simply pass by the downed box harmlessly. Receiving damage will discard the cardboard box.