Blood Falcon is a military group appearing in Contra: Shattered Soldier. They are the main antagonists for the initial part of the game.

Their leader, known only as Enemy Commander, is a major threat to humanity. His identity and motives are shrouded in mystery, although what is clear is they won't stop at nothing in order to overthrow the current regime leaded by the Triumvirate.



  • During Contra: Hard Corps, the war hero Colonel Bahamut made similar moves to Lance Bean in attempting to obtain an alien cell and overthrow the government. The Contra series never sheds light on what caused the war hero Bahamut to become a terrorist, especially considering his supposed past achievements in Hard Corps: Uprising. In Lance's case, Contra: Shattered Soldier revealed he founded his terrorist organization when he discovered the truth on the government's involvement behind the numerous alien conflicts. It is thus possible that Bahamut had also managed to uncover the truth sometime after the Alien Wars and, in the hopes of defeating the Commonwealth, turned to extreme measures against them.