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The Blob (ボル Boru?, lit. "Boll") is an enemy in Super Contra. It is a semi-sentient mass of a gelatinous substance of alien origin.


Super Contra[]


In the original arcade version of Super Contra, Blobs are merely indestructible puddles vomited by two mollusk-like aliens that move along Dethgerbis's high platforms, having no mobility on their own. The aliens' puddle spits take about two seconds to be expulsed, giving the player some time to evade them.


In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, the Blob is a semi-sentient mass of a gelatinous substance secreted from the horns of Dethgerbis to aid it in battle. They crawl around the boss's platforms and will eventually drop to the bottom of the screen, scuttling toward the player if not dealt with in time.

Contra: Legacy of War[]

In this game, Blobs are fought on the River of Destruction. They are dropped by the Stalking Sea Snake and are green. They follow the player until they are killed or fall into the water.






  • This enemy is possibly inspired by the 1958 American horror/science-fiction film The Blob, in which a sentient gelatinous alien creature that crashes from outer space in a meteorite, dissolves and eats the people of a small town.

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