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Want to challenge me? Anytime!
~ Bill in Contra Returns

Bill Rizer is a playable character and one of the main protagonists in Contra Returns.

He was voiced by P.M. Seymour.


Bill Rizer, our legendary hero — is Contra's strongest fighter. Bill is generally playful and has a carefree sense of humor, but when he gets serious... watch out! Behind this tough, muscular figure is a person with a heroic but soft heart.
~ Official description from Garena's website

The man known as "the strongest Contra warrior". During the GX Army crisis, Bill was forced to battle his mentor, Colonel Bloodaxe, who had fallen under alien control. Outside of his missions, he is dedicated to tracking down Melinda, his mentor's daughter.

It is late afternoon, and the sun is rapidly setting on the horizon. The hilltop casts a long shadow on the flowing waters of the Colorado River, heavy and imposing one minute, then only faintly perceptible the next. Bill Rizer, who has been hanging off the wall of a cliff for some time, deftly brings himself to the top with an effortless 180-degree turn and reverse press-up. The glare of the sun has more or less receded, so Bill can now enjoy the view of the entire canyon laying out before him without squinting his eyes. Once in a while, the rays of the setting sun would meet a piece of rock or gravel in the distance at just the right angle, producing flashes of glimmer not dissimilar to the twinkling of stars.

Bill takes out a fat cigar from a box and inhales deeply. His nose is filled with the mellow notes of cocoa distinctive to authentic Cuban cigars. This is a scent that he can't seem to shake off, just like his memories of Melinda. Bill Rizer may be a veteran member of Team Contra and their "strongest warrior", but he is also one sentimental fellow. For nearly a year, Bill has been crisscrossing the world in his search for Melinda. A new tip-off, and he's on his feet. His motivations lie not merely in his love for Melinda, but also in a deep sense of responsibility. While he has toyed with the idea of leaving Team Contra so that he may dedicate all his time to the search, Contra has been an obligation that he simply cannot bring himself to abandon. For reasons known only to her, Melinda has chosen not to see Bill ever again. All she can do now is hope that Bill is able to return from each of his missions safe and sound.

Bill toys with the cigar box in his hand. It is a beautiful box with a few silvery streaks across its cedarwood bottom. The box was a gift from Melinda. It is now the only connection to Melinda that Bill has, since everything else is now buried in a corner of the canyon somewhere. On his days off, Bill likes to come to the canyon alone. Here, he has all the space he needs to be himself and to think...

Amidst the sounds of an approaching chopper, a voice rings out: "Rizer! Answer if you can hear me!" It is the voice of Colonel Bahamut.

"Yes, sir!" Bill springs to his feet and waves to the chopper.

"Your leave's over. Hop on, we're returning to base. Operator Tina will brief you on the mission."

"Yes, sir!" Bill grabs hold of the rope ladder of the helicopter, and the chopper then makes a swift turn away from the hilltop.

"Bill, what are you still doing down there?" The voice comes from Lance Bean. It's been quite a while, and Bill should have climbed aboard by now.

"I've got to finish my cigar first", Bill responded coolly as he holds on to the rope ladder with one arm and takes a deep drag of the Havana in his other hand. The downward draft from the rotor blades above him quickly sends the smoke of the cigar off into the distance below and flattens the blond hair on his head. His feet dangle precariously just a few yards from the hilltops that are swiftly falling behind him.

The chopper heads west, in the direction of the setting sun, and the strains of a familiar tune are soon heard inside the helicopter...

Night envelops the chopper just as Bill finally climbs aboard.

"Lance, old buddy, where have you been?" Bill playfully elbows Lance a touch, and receives an elbow from Lance in return. The two start to wrestle in the narrow confines of the chopper cabin while hurling the occasional gibe at each other. It is as if Bill had never been away, and the two boys had just said goodbye yesterday.

A long flight can make you sleepy, but Bill spends the entire time with his eyes wide awake, watching his comrades drift off to dreamland or just taking five instead. Bill himself had saved Lance on the island before, and Lance had saved Pulse. He and Lance had also rescued Operator Tina on one occasion. It seemed to Bill that this is what a soldier's life is all about—killing people, rescuing people, and being saved in turn. Yes, once upon a time, it was Bill's turn to be saved... body and soul. He was saved by Colonel Bloodaxe of the GX Army, the father of Melinda and his mentor.

Before he became a member of Colonel Bahamut's newly established Team Contra, Bill was the righthand man of Colonel Bloodaxe. Back in the day, Colonel Bloodaxe was to Bill what Bill is to the young recruits of the team today—he was Bill's patient mentor who fought bravely alongside his men against the worst odds.

In the year 2634, Bill —who was already the "strongest warrior" by then— was given an order to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the GX Army. Something about the entire affair made him feel a little uneasy. What if this had something to do with what had happened at the Galuga Archipelago just the year before...?

The sight that greeted Bill as the force helicopter approached the GX Army base was truly shocking. The entire base was engulfed in a sea of flames. The officers and men of the GX Army, having fallen under alien control, were destroying their base. The building structures were being razed one by one, and vehicles were being set on fire. Targets were being mobbed one after another.

Bill's helicopter landed on a hillside at the outer perimeter of the base, where he spotted a man stumbling toward him. It was the Colonel, his teacher, whose face had become grotesquely distorted due to alien control. "Colonel—" The word had barely escaped Bill's lips when he saw the Colonel raise his weapon and start shooting at the helicopter. The sight was almost immediately followed by the sounds of bullet-on-metal just inches from where he was. Bill had no choice but to fire warning shots in return. With the helicopter between them, the two battled each other for quite some time, until they were both out of ammo. The Colonel, brandishing the combat ax that he always carried on him, charged at his pupil. In response, Bill held up his dagger and tried to block the Colonel's attack. The two men fell to the ground as they grappled and tried to get the better of the other. The Colonel's ax edged into Bill's neck, and a thin stream of blood appeared. It was at this most critical moment that the Colonel suddenly hesitated, having briefly come to his senses. However, it was too late for Bill to stop himself, and his dagger had already plunged into his mentor's chest...

"But Colonel... Why?"

"It's alright, Bill. It's like I've always said: Always be on your toes when you're on the battlefield."

"Sir, I'm getting you out of here!"

"No, forget it..." The Colonel slumped onto the floor, and told Bill with great difficulty, "Find... Melinda... No matter what happens... to her... Go... Do what... you have to..."

The Colonel's labored breathing gently came to a stop. He had handed over the chance to live on to his protégé, along with his life's mission. This was the moment that made Bill decide that he would exact vengeance. He must awaken to become a true Contra warrior!

The chopper was now hovering just above the base airfield and was about to land. Bill, holding a Gatling gun and standing by the chopper door, gazes out at the night sky. The night sure is clear and starry tonight...






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