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For Bill's quotes during Story Mode, please refer to the "Script" page for each Stage.

This page is a collection of quotes and associated voicelines said by Bill Rizer in Contra: Operation Galuga.

Trailer only[]

Event Audio + Quote
Trailer title call
"Contra: Operation Galuga."
Trailer catchphrases "It's time for revenge." (unused)

"Let's attack aggressively."

General efforts[]

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Event Audio + Quote


"Come on!"
Summon Bonus Pod
"Gimme somethin' good!"
"Could use a hand!"
Pickup weapon

"Powerin' up!"
"Weapon secured!"
"I like it!"
Pickup Machine Gun
"Good old Machine Gun!"
"Rapid rounds comin' up!"
Pickup Spread Shot
"There she is!"
"Takin' the Spread Shot!"
Pickup Flame Weapon
"'bout to throw flames!"
"Back up or get roasted!"
Pickup Homing Missile
"Come out, come out!"
"Homing Missiles, nice!"
Pickup Crush Bombs
"One Crush Bomb special!"
Pickup Laser Beam
"Everyone's gettin' zapped!"
"Laser it is!"
Swap weapon

"Tryin' somethin'."
Overload weapon

"Party time!"
"Light 'em up!"
Overload Machine Gun "Can't catch me!"
Overload Spread Shot "Let's even the odds!"
Overload Flame Weapon "Didn't think so!"
Overload Homing Missile "Maybe some cover fire?"
Overload Crush Bombs "Look at 'em go!"
Overload Laser Beam "Where's the fire?"
Earn a 1-up

"Now we're talkin'!"
"Let's go."
Steal life stock "Thanks for the assist."
Life stock stolen "Hey!"
Enemy defeated

"Got 'em!"
"See that?"
"Heh-hah! Proud of that one."
"One more down."
Get Trophy
"How 'bout that."
"Put it with the others."
Stage Start
"Cavalry's here!"
"Lock 'n' load!"

"Let's attack aggressively."
Stage Clear

"Who's next?"
Idle pose

"Break time's over."
Get hit

Player death



"Big mistake."
"You'll pay for that."
"Not done yet."
Game Over
"Get 'em…"
"Just wait…"

Arcade specific[]

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Stage Event Audio + Quote
Jungle Chopper crash "Nobody grounds our chopper!"
Chopper crash (Vania Mix)
"Helluva night for a curse."'
vs. Super Wall "Knock knock…!"

"Guess we gotta knock harder."
Base vs. 1st Armored Truck "Comin' in hot!"
vs. 2nd Armored Truck "You the man in charge?"
vs. Mutant Lieutenant "We didn't embarrass you enough already?"
Village vs. Guldaf Dagra
"Aww, they sent a piñata."
"The hell you goin'?"
vs. Gromaides
"Wasn't expecting that!"
"Oh hello there, ugly!"
Lab vs. Spidal
"Hey, don't mind us…"
"Don't get up on my account."
vs. Alien Heart
"They been growin' giant aliens in here?"
"Miracle of nature, huh?"
Ice Train Board hoverbike "Change of plans!"
Foreground wall ride "I'll try anything once…!"
vs. Big Bot Gordea
"Yeah, come on down."
vs. Devil Worm

"Got a bad feeling…" (first appears)
"That checks out." (fully revealed)
"Should've stayed in your metal cocoon…" (beneath track)
Stage end track break "Hang on…!"
Ruins vs. Beowulf "You're joking…"
vs. Big Fuzz "We don't have time for this!"
Alien Hive vs. Metal Alien
"Ugh, where'd you come from!?"
"Gotta try harder than that!"
vs. Kimkoh
"Talk about a bug problem…"
Escape Ship vs. Varanis "Should've just gone home, bud."
Java appears
"What the…?!"
Inside Java
"Have a feeling we're not gonna agree with him…"
vs. Java's Heart "Let's get its attention."
vs. Dragon God Java "Did you miss me, baby?"
Post-Java freefalling "You gotta love that!"
All Stage Clear "Okay folks, let's go home."