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The Biker is a miniboss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


A pair of soldiers who ride on an armed sidecar; one provides movement while the other comes equipped with a long range gun capable of charging and firing large energy blasts. After getting past the armored vehicle barricade, they speed in front of the player and block their path ahead, proceeding to attack while parked. If not destroyed, the sidecar will then proceed to turn to the left and speed offscreen, so it is recommended that the player either destroys this enemy quickly or avoids it by simply jumping over it. Crouching can avoid the cannon fire. In a two-player game, this enemy requires more hits to eliminate and will leave off-screen the moment its HP is low. Teamwork is necessary to eliminate the vehicle before it rushes away. Destroying it grants 4% Hit Rate along with 400 points to whomever destroyed the enemy. When destroyed, the vehicle's pieces linger on the road in a heap of metallic mess.



  • The bike has three license plates on its body, two of which are backward but one is readable. All three seem to say "DANGER Flammable", which proves true as the vehicle explodes into pieces when heavily damaged.
  • This enemy bears a slight resemblance to the Skeleton Biker from the Castlevania series.

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