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Not to be confused with Bike Corps.

The Bike Soldier is an enemy in Contra: Hard Corps. They are troops that ride on motorcycles and shoot projectiles at the player.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

After dealing with the Pulley Gunner Bros., our heroes continue their way toward the train's locomotive, although they're soon forced to hang on and move along a metal beam attached to the side of the next car in order to continue. At this point, they are suddenly ambushed by a troop of Bike Soldiers riding on the ground below. Like other Zako units, these soldiers are easily dispatchable (containing only about 2 HP).

They drive up close to the hanging heroes and adjust their pistol while maintaining constant speed. They fire rather slowly, though, mostly one bullet at a time and within a proper firing position. However, they appear in large numbers rather quickly, containing up to three Biker units onscreen at once. They never fire in front of a player, only aiming directly below them or diagonally backward. If the player is in front of them, the Biker Soldier will speed up to maintain close firing distance to them. When shot at, the bike explodes and the soldier falls to the ground below. They stop giving chase once the hero reaches the next miniboss located on top of the train. Each Biker Soldier defeated grants the player who defeated him 100 points.

These enemies reappear in Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. Their inclusion is non-canon, and only serves as part of a stage replacement for the two removed top-down stages.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

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  • This is the only shootable human enemy to remain unaltered in Probotector (MD). It is unclear why, as every other Zako unit received a cosmetic change. This might have been an overlook by the developers.

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