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Not to be confused with Bike Soldier.

Bike Corps are enemies in the Contra series. They are enemy robots or soldiers who ride on motorcycles.


Freestyle motocross robots that ride on purple motorcycles and attack by driving into the player. They can initially be seen in the background as they make their way into the main area toward a player's location, attempting to ram into them once near.


Contra: Hard Corps[]

Appearing at the start of the Junkyard. They can be spotted toward the setting sun, far in the background jumping along the faraway hills to arrive at a hill further closer, where they make a big jump onto the player's ground. they then rush toward a player to ram them head on or simply dash away should they miss. These enemies are relatively weak on defense, defeated by any weapon easily.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

As the elite soldiers make an assault on the Capital Tower, the Commonwealth Privates bash their way through the windows in the background of halls, riding on Motorbikes and chasing down the heroes relentlessly.



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