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Not to be confused with Big Face.

A mysterious extra-dimensional life form. Because it is vulnerable to the outside air, it wears special armor with a propulsion device to protect itself from contact with the open air. The body in the shape of a brain hidden in special armor in the shape of a human face.

Big Pinhead is a miniboss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


Big Pinhead is a semi-mechanical lifeform that resembles a human head, created from a computer's software. When Bill and Lucia reach the Seabed supercomputer, it reacts by forming a large liquid face popping out from its central screen. The face then digitizes a white mask-like coating around itself that bears a bullseye-like symbol. When damaged, the face slowly transforms itself into a brain-like organism before succumbing to weapons fire.


The boss has two phases total:

Phase 1

For its grand first appearance, the head will slowly hover horizontally while slightly moving vertically. It fires clear rings up to five at a time, directly aimed toward the player(s). These rings don't have too well homing, are fragile to damage, and disperse over time. Moments after the head follows this pattern, it will hover toward the background and charge up red-and-blue coloring in its forehead. It then unleashes two unleashes two beams opposite from each other that strike the ground, releasing a small hitbox of damage on the floor. As the head hovers horizontally, the beams will move to cross through each other to reach the opposite side of the room, then return to their initial position crossing once more. The beams themselves are safe to pass through but the ground shockwave produced is lethal. The commandos must time their jumps over the shockwaves to escape unharmed.

The boss can receive damage at any given moment when it is in the foreground. Once it flies in the background, it is immune to damage and cannot touch the player(s) until it returns back to the foreground. Each time enough damaged is inflicted upon it, pieces of its face disintegrate. Enough damage will destroy the façade.

Phase 2

With its face disintegrated, the boss appears now as a rectangular brain-like organism with thrusters exposed underneath. The brain will hover into its horizontal-wise position and slowly hover toward and above the player(s), dropping large pink/red projectiles from above. After releasing a few, it unleashes a large powerful beam of lethal liquid directly above before repeating the pattern. The brain can be damaged at any time. When releasing the large beam, it remains in place for a few seconds, allowing the commandos to easily inflict damage upon it. Enough damage will destroy the dangerous illusion and connecting motherboard computers for good.



  • The ring lasers fired from this boss are reminiscent of the ion rings emitted by the Moai enemy from the Gradius series, also by Konami.
  • The brain form bears a resemblance to Brain Organism Searle.
  • The face's introduction into battle has it appear in a metallic silver coating from the computer surface. This may have been based on the T-1000 from the Terminator franchise, who appears from surfaces in a similar fashion and is a robot made up of a pure silver liquid coating.


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