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You've done very admirably! But you're too late! I've used the Alien Cell to create Big Magnum! He will reduce the planet to charred cinders!
~ Colonel Bahamut piloting Big Magnum in Contra: Hard Corps

Big Magnum (究極最終砲ビッグマグナム Kyūkyoku Saishū-hō Biggu Magunamu?, lit. "Ultimate Final Gun Big Magnum") is one of the final bosses in Contra: Hard Corps.


Big Magnum is a weapon of mass destruction that is powered by the alien cell. It is located at Colonel Bahamut's secret space station and consists of a huge cannon pointing directly at the Earth, which has the capability to obliterate entire continents with just a single blast.

It is fought at the end of the game if the player selects the following options:

Big Magnum is a huge mechanical device featuring a glass capsule containing the aforementioned cell, a huge alien head monstrosity connected by several tubes all along its brain. It counts with a highly articulated mechanical arm that has a powerful plasma cannon mounted at its end; this cannon is also the only part where the boss can be damaged. As the boss keeps sustaining damage, the cell inside the tube will slowly start melting, looking even more grotesque each time.

The Hard Corps are situated inside a small three surface room, with an invisible barrier preventing them from not only reaching Bahamut's cockpit and Alien Cell directly, but also to prevent the Hard Corps from falling into space.


Phase 1

As the battle begins, the control arm readies into position to commence charging up energy for its first attack. In this first phase of the fight, the arm will charge up energy, then perform various attacks within a set order and repeat the pattern continuously. With each attack, the arm adjusts its position.

The cannon's various attack modes are as followed, in order:

Image Attack Description
Big Magnum Attack 1
Straight Beam Bahamut will position the machine arm somewhat high near the center of the screen, and after charging yellow energy, will release a small pointer that immediately will aim at a player character before split-secondly firing off a deadly beam. Immediately as the charge finishes, a player should keep moving to avoid getting struck down by the fast moving beam, or slide immediately as the charging finishes. The beam will only lock-on to one hero at a time, and the beam doesn't last long firing. Once over, the arm will continue with its next attack.
Big Magnum Attack 2
Spiral Beam The arm positions itself slightly higher than before. soon after charging, the generator spews out a small blue & yellow spiral blast that greatly increases in size and homes in on a hero's last position when the blast fired. It is difficult to avoid this blast, and this swirling expanding blast will only home in on one hero at a time each this attack is utilized. It is recommended that a hero stays in a position high or close to the arm, then immediately drop down or run away respectively in order to escape the blast. If a hero is in the back of the room, it is possible to slide under the expanding incoming blast. Once the blast explodes on a surface, the next attack is prepared.
Big Magnum Attack 3
Drop Blast The arm is positioned at a high point very close to the arena's roof. After charging up energy, it will unleash four large blinking spheres above the roof that will hover in place for a second before crashing down to the floor, with each ball carrying a large pillar-shaped blast as they explode. A small opening within the sphere's pattern indicates where it is safe to stand at when the blasts rain down. Bahamut will fire off five sets of four spheres each during this attack. Although dangerous, it is possible to avoid the deadly explosive rain by timing sliding in the far-right corner of the arena (the hero(es) will not fall out of the arena due to an invisible barrier in place).
Probotector MD Big Magnum Attack 4
Spread Blast The arm positions itself at the lowest point near the floor, and after charging, a small beam is sent out toward the middle of the screen, which will then separate into three individual spherical fireball blasts that will spread outward before all ramming into the arena. The blast will always attempt to aim to the surface closest to where the player is at. If a hero is hanging on the ceiling, the blasts will aim high, leaving the floor to be a safe zone from the blasts. If a hero is on the floor, the blasts will aim low, leaving the roof a safe zone to escape the explosions.

It is possible to avoid all of Big Magnum's Phase 1 attacks with well timed slides. When the cannon readies one of its blasts, its weapon generator is vulnerable to attack. The entire cannon weapon will flash rapidly when receiving damage. Damage delivered is carried over between the different blasts. Although difficult, it is possible to overload the cannon during any attack phase if heavy concentrated firepower is used on it. If the generator receives massive damage during one of its attacks, it will malfunction, causing it to immediately stop its current attack and switch to the next one.

Once the generator receives enough combined total damage, the machine malfunctions and halts all of its attacks. It then spews out a Weapon Capsule (containing Weapon A). Draining energy from the Alien Cell directly, it proceeds to generate another attack.

Phase 2
Big Magnum Phase 2

After taking enough damage, the alien head will begin to become visibly emaciated in appearance and switch to its second phase. In this phase, it uses a humanoid looking gun to fire a single shot that floats around and constantly follows the player's position. If two players are present, the projectile will only follow one person at a time, and at times may change whom it locks onto. Careful monitoring is required to avoid taking damage from it.

Once the generator receives enough damage, it will malfunction again, further causing harm to the Alien Cell as its energy is drained once more. A second Weapon Capsule (containing Weapon B) is spewed out before preparing the final attack.

Phase 3
Big Magnum Phase 3

When the alien head is at critically low health, it will switch to its final phase. Sporting a large energized rail cannon, it will fire a single projectile that bursts into three blast streams that move clockwise. The player can maneuver on the walls or slide to avoid the attacks.

Once Big Magnum is destroyed, the entire base will explode, killing everyone on board... including the Hard Corps squad. A posthumous message will then follow the ending credits honoring their ultimate sacrifice.



  • In Probotector (MD), the Alien Master refers to the mounted Alien Cell inside Big Magnum as the "X Drive", although he still refers to the X Drive as he. It is possible he may be referring to the no longer named Alien Cell as something separate from the X Drive, with the latter being something else entirely equipped onboard Big Magnum.
  • A player that defeats Big Magnum will be awarded 42,000 points. This grants the victorious player an immediate extra life, though extra lives are no longer important as Big Magnum is the final boss for its route.

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