Big Fuzz (大覚ロボ ビッグファズ Daikaku Robo Biggu Fazu?, lit. "Great Awakening Robo Big Fuzz") is a recurring boss in the Contra series.


Big Fuzz is a gigantic, skeleton-like robot who was programmed to protect factories occupied by the alien invaders. He usually makes his entrance by forcing open a large metal door in the background and then proceeding to attack the player (these doors usually end up violently closing and beheading him at the end of the battle).

His main form of attack is to breathe a continuous stream of fire, although he can also shoot tracking laser beams from his eyes and deploy several timed bombs at once.


Contra III: The Alien Wars

First appearance of Big Fuzz in the series (renamed as "Robo-Corpse" in the English instruction booklet). He is fought at the end of the Factory Zone after fighting two smaller versions of himself.

His main form of attack consists in breathing a continuous stream of fire in a clockwise motion, requiring the player to move quickly and precisely to avoid being incinerated. He can also shoot tracking laser beams from his eyes that chase the player for a few good seconds, and also deploy several timed bombs at once. If the player is on the ground by the time the bombs count to zero, they will explode and the player will lose a life. All these attacks can be combined with each other, making the fight that much more difficult.

On hard mode, all of his attacks are much more difficult to avoid:

  • His twin heat-seeking eye lasers will recover and tracking faster and lasts longer on the screen, where in normal mode the lasers disappears once the Big Fuzz begins charging his flame attack, on hard they will stay until the Big Fuzz make a full rotation on his fire attack.
  • His Fire breath attack rotates much faster. On normal the player can perform a full rotation while climbing on walls and ceiling and still outrun the fire, but on hard the player had to quickly drop down from the center of the ceiling as the fire breath attack can outrun their climbing speed.
  • The bombs have drastically shortened fuse counts and covers more space, to the point that the only way to dodge the attack is to bait the Big Fuzz into planting bombs on the ceiling then instantly drop down, because were the bombs are on the ground, the player won't be able to move fast enough to climb the wall and dodge them.

When defeated, the sliding door in the background that Big Fuzz forced open will close on his neck, resulting on him being beheaded.

In the Game Boy port, Contra: The Alien Wars, he does not claw his way into the room; he enters it by destroying the back wall and stays there for the rest of the fight.

Contra 4

In Contra 4, Big Fuzz incessantly crawls through the narrow corridors of the Factory to pursue the player. He attacks by breathing a long stream of fire that has to be either jumped or crouched from, depending on the visual cues given during the battle. After taking enough damage, he chases the player and gets caught in the doors the player went through to reach it. The only way to finish him is to shoot the damaged Shouds on the sides of the door to manually close it and clip off his head.

Contra: Return

One significant change involved in the boss fight against Big Fuzz in this game is that the player cannot cling onto the ceiling of the room where the battle takes place.

Big Fuzz still possesses time bomb deployment, but instead of releasing fire bombs which would force the player to hang onto the ceiling to avoid getting caught in the explosions, he now releases three time bombs at their current position; all the player has to do is move away from where the bombs are laid, making their pattern easier to evade.

Big Fuzz's flame breath attack also returns, but instead of breathing a stream of fire clockwise, it breathes it left and right in an attempt to sweep and burn the player.

Just like its Contra III incarnation, Big Fuzz also launches tracking projectiles (energy balls instead of laser beams this time around) at the player from his mouth, but they're shot one at a time and can be neutralized after taking multiple shots.

When defeated, in this game Big Fuzz simply breaks down and collapses.

Contra: Rogue Corps

"The giant alien robot defeated by Contra once before, its remains have been fused with parasitic fiends. It is in working condition once again. While on the outside it looks the same as ever, but internally it has an higher ratio of organic parts than mechanical."

- Description from the official Contra: Rogue Corps official website





  • Big Fuzz is based on the Snatcher, the main enemies from Konami's video game science fiction thriller Snatcher, originally released for the PC-8801 and MSX2 computers in Japan in 1988.
    • Snatchers are in turn based on the T-800 cybernetic organism from the Terminator franchise.
  • Big Fuzz has become somewhat of a mascot throughout the series and he often appears in game covers or as a prominent figure in artworks, cutscenes and diverse promotional media.

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