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Not to be confused with Big Pinhead.

Big Face is an enemy in Super Contra. It is a large floating alien head that spins in groups around the player, attempting to block their shots.


Encountered in the final stage, shortly after the Bakongas-infested area and before entering the Dumpling Bug Alien generator corridor. Big Face is a horrid monstrosity that somewhat resembles a large floating alien skull slightly larger than the size of an adult human. It bears only one eye, with no visible nasal cavities and has a large mouth filled with fangs that somewhat resembles an evil grin. However, perhaps its most notorious feature is the large exposed brain tissue on its top, which has broken out of the skull.

When one of these creatures enters the screen, it will immediately start to spin around the player. They actually don't possess any means of attack, but altogether will encase the player inside their rotating bodies, preventing their bullets to travel out, effectively shielding their extraterrestrial brethren from harm. Furthermore, they may end up disorienting the player and potentially drive them toward other enemies while they are distracted in shaking them off.

There are some slight differences between the arcade and the NES versions of these enemies:


In the arcade version, Big Faces will slowly start to close-in toward the player as they spin around them, although not enough to actually achieve physical contact and kill them. Due to their constant movement and large numbers, keeping fire on each one until it is destroyed may prove difficult if not wielding a powerful weapon. In addition, their bodies will block most of the player's projectiles, allowing other creatures to approach.

Only one Big Face will initially attack the player shortly after the Bakongas section, as a forewarning of what's to come. It is strongly advised to move a few steps further to make sure no more Bakongas pop out from the ground. A few steps further, a group of six Big Faces will enter the screen at once and start spinning around the player; as such, it is advised to remain in place and keep firing in the same direction, allowing the flying skulls to bump into the bullets themselves as they move around until they are destroyed. The player should also be prepared to move out of the way to prevent being hit by any possible oncoming projectiles shot by Dumpling Bug Aliens.


In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, Big Faces once again attack after the Bakongas section, although they will do so more closely to said area, so the player is advised to keep advancing a bit until they reach safer ground before dealing with them. Only four heads are encountered this time around and their behavior is also slightly changed, as each one is placed at a determined spot on the map and they will enter the battlefield as they are uncovered as the screen scrolls. If the player advances with caution, they may be able to make them come out one at a time, although even if all four attack at a given time, they are easier to deal with, as they move slower, don't close-in on the player, they remain at a greater distance from them, and they are notoriously less resilient than their arcade counterparts.