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Beowulf is a character and miniboss in Contra: Operation Galuga. He is the guardian of the artifact known as the Lemris.

He was voiced by Colby West.


According to Beowulf himself, he was a human who existed since the dawn of man. When the Lemris landed on Earth, he discovered it and it embedded him with its power and knowledge, declaring him the first known Contra of Earth. Since then, he has protected the Lemris from any enemy who would dare take its power and wish for its destruction of the Sol's information it contains within. Eventually Beowulf's human body expired (via unstated reasons), but he lives on inside the Lemris as a spiritual guardian.

The Lemris along with his spirit resided within a temple on Galuga Island. A village resided within the island that housed various warriors worthy of guarding the Lemris from evil forces. One day in the cosmic calendar year of 26XX, a meteor shower hit the island. Beowulf took notice of the incident, concerned that invaders have arrived. He sets up the temple with various traps and security systems to guard the Lemris from peril.

The meteor shower is revealed to be an alien invasion force led by the ruthless Zagardian commander, General Varanis. By creating the Red Falcon army, he and his units scour the island in order to secure the Lemris. They take control of the village, with only one survivor left standing in the village. After failing to procure the Lemris, Red Falcon expands their reach from across the globe.

Six months after the meteor shower, Red Falcons actions go noticed by the Earth Marine Corps and they send in their best commandos from the Contra Unit. After various missions on the island, they meet up with the sole village survivor and make their way to a lab where Lucia locates the Lemris, and with Ariana's help, the commandos board a train and make their way to the temple.

Once inside, the commandos battle their way through the security systems in place. They eventually reach a large statue where the first guardian or the Lemris is honored. After a brief look, a voice emanates in the room and the statue breaks into rays of life, revealing a man wielding a sword and shield appearing as a strong human warrior in front of the commandos. He immediately challenges all of them to battle, and after an enduring match, he falls to the commandos, returning as a statue.

As the commandos catch their breath, the spirit of the warrior appears in front of them, introducing himself as Beowulf, the first human Contra and Guardian of the Lemris. He states he has been awaiting for Ariana to arrive, to become awakened as a Contra. He reveals to the commandos his role as guardian, and the importance of the Lemris. He then reveals the location of the altar so that the commandos can secure the artifact safely before the nefarious Zagard Empire obtains it. Unfortunately they spoke too soon as a deceitful Varanis appears in front of the altar before the commandos. After a brief victory speech, he steals the Lemris and Beowulf inside, who shortly pleads for Varanis not to. Varanis takes the artifact with him to his space ship, with the commandos soon following behind.

The commands eventually reach the ship and battle Varanis over control of the Lemris. His defeat did not end in the commandos' victory, as his treachery attempts to overload the Lemris' energy toward its destruction. Within moments, the Lemris along with the heroes are swallowed whole by a large beast. The commandos reach the Lemris; Lucia stays behind to secure its energy while the remaining Contras eliminate the last Zagardian giant on the island. With its destruction, its carcass floats into the open sea, along with Lucia and the overloading Lemris. With the assistance of Beowulf's spirit, Lucia plans to open up a wormhole to redirect the overflowing energy away from Earth, sparing the planet from its orbital disruption. Beowulf warns her of the consequences for this action, and she proceeds with wormhole generation. Successful, the wormhole takes Lucia, the carcass, and the overflowing energy far away from Earth. The drained Lemris stays behind and falls into the open sea. It is believed that with its power gone, the Lemris' drained energy spells the end of the spiritual warrior.[1]


Beowulf uses various powerful elemental attacks produced from his sword, while he uses his shield to block incoming weapon fire. He has an energy meter; when damaged, the bar charges and when full, he unleashes a powerful overload attack, causing the bar to reset to empty afterwards. The walls of his room are climbable.


  • "You've done well to come this far."
  • "We met once before, at Val Verde..."
  • "I've been awaiting you for some time."
  • "I know why you have come."
  • "First, prove you are worth to enter these sacred halls!"
  • "Of course. I am Beowulf, the first human Contra, and guardian of the Lemris."
  • "No! You cannot -- -"


Sprites and models[]



  • This character's namesake is likely inspired by the Old English epic poem of German legend, Beowulf.
    • The old story of Beowulf was also made into a full length animated film in 2007 starring Ray Winstone,[2] with the Operation Galuga character possibly having been inspired after him.
  • His character design bears a strong resemblance to that of Conan from the film Conan the Barbarian (1982). This reference may be intentional given all the other references the game makes to classic '80s films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Some of Beowulf's attacks are reminiscent of Rocket Ninja Sasaki's, like throwing spinning projectiles mainly in a horizontal manner, and clinging to a ceiling and slashing with his sword to send out a projectile.
  • One of Beowulf's attacks involves summoning a fiery dragon as an "Overload" attack. This attack is shared with Sheena Etranzi and Brad Fang, called "Guardian". This fiery dragon summon is strongly reminiscent of the Intruder enemy from the Gradius series, which has frequently been referenced in many other Konami games.
  • When encountering Beowulf at the Ruins, he tells the team that they met once before, at Val Verde. Val Verde is a fictional South American country that has appeared in many action films such as Commando, Predator (both which were inspirations of the Contra franchise), Die Hard 2, and Symphogear.[3]
    • Coincidentally in the film Predator, Val Verde was the name of the Jungle operation performed by Dutch and his team in that universe's year of 1987. These details reference the first Contra, a game released in 1987.[4]


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