Not to be confused with Lance Bean.
His bag of tricks include a pistol, time bomb and time mine. Fastest of the four. When it comes to jumping, Beans is only second to Burns.
~ Contra Force instruction booklet

Beans is one of the main protagonists in Contra Force. He is the team's demolition expert.


As with other characters in Contra Force, there is not much information available about Beans. He is the team's demolition specialist, who can deploy bombs and mines. He also carries a pistol for his own safeguard while traveling the battlefield.

He runs faster than the rest of the characters, always kneeling, and adopts a prone position instead of crouching when pressing ↓ on the directional pad.

Perhaps his main drawback is that his pistol has short range, as well as his bombs and mines, making him a more situational character, or only effective for traveling when there's not much action going on.

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