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Barracuda is a boss in Contra 4. It is a gigantic alien monster fish that lives deep in the ocean.


A colossal aquatic alien creature the size of a large whale. Its head somewhat resembles a fish's skull with its mouth full of fangs; it has a long and slim tongue, and very large, round and unexpressive eyes, which all in conjunction make for a horrifying sight. It has two lines of spikes protruding along its back and has three pairs of long fins which allow it to swim at a very high speed, easily outpacing the player's jet ski-like vehicle.

However, even with all these characteristics, this hostile monster is relatively limited on its offensive capabilities, as it only attacks from deep underwater by emitting a powerful laser beam from its eyes, which it "sprays" along a wide angle covering most of the screen. It then swims straight ahead and launches a couple of spikes from its back straight-upward, while at the same time a trio of Killer Fishes leap straight up from the center of the screen and out of the water, and spew plasma shots at the player. The fish will then slowly reenter the screen from the opposite side and repeat the whole pattern anew. Its spikes are not infinite, however, and once it has shot them seven times (two projectiles per attack), it will be left out of ammunition.

The creature's weak spot are its eyes, which aren't particularly resilient; every time they have sustained enough damage, the monster will make a quick escape. After the eyes have been damaged a determined number of times, the creature will finally perish and sink straight down to the bottom of the sea.


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