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An elite soldier of the Union Tribe rebel force and hero of the army. He currently serves as the team's leader even though he was once an elite soldier of the Commonwealth empire.
~ In-game description

Bahamut is the main protagonist in Hard Corps: Uprising. He is a former elite soldier of the Commonwealth Empire's feared "Death Squad", who defected their ranks and now fights alongside the Union Tribe rebel force.


In the year 2613, long before humanity even became aware of the existence of aliens, most of the world was in a conflict started by the Commonwealth Empire. Under the leadership of the tyrannical emperor Tiberius, the Commonwealth was successfully expanding its territory by conquering neighboring countries. Bahamut, a citizen of the Imperial Capital, was an elite soldier of the empire's "Death Squad", along with his friend Leviathan. However, no longer tolerating the crimes committed against humanity, Bahamut defected and joined the nearly defeated Resistance. He was first looked upon with distrust and contempt by his new comrades due to his previous allegiance, but Bahamut soon gained their approval and gave them hope with his superhuman skills in guerrilla warfare, which helped the Resistance secure victory in several battles. Of the three main Tribes leading the war effort against the Commonwealth, Bahamut was chosen by the Union Tribe to become the Tribe's best soldier. Soon afterward, Bahamut assembled a four-man assault team consisting of himself and three other individuals with superhuman abilities: Krystal, Harley (the Federation Tribe's best soldier) and Sayuri (the Republic Tribe's choice). Together, they infiltrated the Commonwealth and caused devastating losses to the Empire from the inside, allowing the Resistance to move in and attack the Capital. Along the way, Bahamut rescued Doctor Geo Mandrake, who at the time was a researcher forced to work inside the Capital laboratory; his life was in danger when the Empire found out he was leaking valuable information to Bahamut.

During his missions, Bahamut and his new comrades would clash against Leviathan on several occasions, the latter who wanted to kill his former friend for his betrayal. Eventually, Bahamut reached his target, the Emperor Tiberius, and killed him in an extensive battle. This turned the tide of the war in the Resistance's favor, allowing them to vanquish the Commonwealth. Bahamut seemingly went into hiding following the end of the conflict.


For a full list of Rising Mode upgrades, see Bahamut (Uprising)/Customize List.

Bahamut has well balanced gameplay. His three Health Bars and bullet deflection ability allow for any player to find his skills suitable throughout stages.

Although he retains the deflect bullet action in Arcade mode, it must be purchased for him in Rising Mode.


General gameplay[]

  • "Mission accomplished." - Character Select
  • "Take this." - Unleashing charged Heated Plasma shot.
  • "Back at ya." - Deflecting a bullet.
  • "Piece of cake!" - Using Vault action.
  • "What the hell?" - Defeated
  • "Are you ready?" - Return
  • "It's not over yet." - Return
  • "Now it's my turn!" - Return

Stage specific[]





  • He shares his name with the main antagonist from Contra: Hard Corps, although the producers have said he could also be a different character.[1]
  • Bahamut shares a similar role and character as Bill Rizer in other Contra games.
  • Bahamut's second alternate color (blue) resembles the blue attire worn by Colonel Bahamut from the Japanese packaging artwork of Contra: Hard Corps, as well as Bill Rizer's default color scheme in earlier Contra games such as Contra III: The Alien Wars. Similarly, colors 5 and 6 (black and obsidian) bear a resemblance to Colonel Bahamut's in-game colors from Contra: Hard Corps. Interestingly, these latter two colors give Bahamut red colored eyes.

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