Not to be confused with Browny.

Tsugu-Min, model BR-W9 (or "Brownie"), is a playable character and one of the protagonists in Contra ReBirth. She is a small android girl affiliated with the Contra force.


Tsugu-Min was given the task of awakening "Bill Rizer" from cryogenic stasis. This individual, however, was presumably a clone of the real Bill, as he did not know anything about his past or even who he was.

She then proceeded to play him a video message from the Galactic President where he explained the planet was under attack from an alien army known as the Neo-Salamander Force, which traveled back in time to the year 1973 in a campaign to destroy the Contra Force of that era. She then sent him on a mission to stop this threat along with fellow combatant Yagyu Genbei.

After the Neo-Salamander army was defeated, and following her programming, she proceeded to put "Bill" back into cryostasis. Once this was taken care of, a fellow Contra soldier by the name of Newt Plissken threatened her and revealed her at gunpoint that he was actually the leader of Neo-Salamander, "Chief Salamander". Tsugu-Min responded to this threat by offering him to become his ally, to which Plissken apparently accepted. Whether she really betrayed the Contra Force or if it was actually part of a scheme to buy some time by pretending to play along with his plans is unknown, as this story was never continued in any of the sequels.


  • BR-W9 can be unlocked as a playable character by completing the game on "Easy Mode".



  • Tsugu-Min's serial number, BR-W9, is a play on "Brownie".
    • She is apparently an updated model of the CX-1-DA300 Combat Robot, better known as "Browny" from Contra: Hard Corps. Furthermore, both share some similarities such as being tiny robots proficient in the use of heavy weaponry.

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