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Combat robot model BR-W9 (or "Brownie"), known as Tsugu-Min (ツグミン?) in Japan, is a playable character and one of the protagonists in Contra ReBirth. She is a small android girl affiliated with the Contra Force.


BR-W9 is a small android girl navigator affiliated with the Contra Force who was given the task of awakening "Bill Rizer" from cryogenic stasis. However, this individual presumably was a clone of the real Bill, and he didn't know anything about his past or even who he was. After awakening him, BR-W9 played him a video message from the Galactic President in which the mandatary explained that the planet was under attack from an alien army known as the Neo-Salamander Force, which traveled back in time to the year 1973 in a campaign to annihilate the Contra Force of that era with their superior firepower. BR-W9 then sent "Bill" on a mission to stop this threat along with fellow combatant Yagyu Genbei.

The mission was a success. After Neo-Salamander was defeated, and following her programming, BR-W9 proceeded to put "Bill" back into cryostasis. Once this was taken care of, fellow Contra commando Newt Plissken unexpectedly pointed a gun at her, revealing he actually was none other than Chief Salamander, the leader of the Neo-Salamander forces. BR-W9 then offered him to become allies instead, to which Plissken apparently agreed. Whether she really betrayed the Contra Force or if this actually was a scheme to buy her some time by pretending to play along with his plans is unknown, as this story was never further explored in any of the sequels.


  • To play as BR-W9 in Contra ReBirth, beat the game on Easy difficulty.
  • Her smaller stature makes it easier to avoid gunfire though some bullets may still hit her if not crouching. Her height also affects her shot's aim, naturally being less taller than other character's idle/running aiming.
  • Due to her lightweight frame, her jump is slightly higher than that of other characters.






Voice clip Description


Drossel von Flugel - Fireball - 01

Drossel from Fireball.

  • BR-W9 is a homage to Drossel von Flügel, the female android protagonist from the Disney Japan series Fireball, which originally aired shortly before Contra ReBirth began production. Besides BR-W9 having a similar design to Drossel, her original Japanese name, Tsugu-Min, is the Japanese word for thrush birds, the same bird Drossel was named after. The connection to Browny from Contra: Hard Corps was introduced through localization with her name being changed.
  • Her model number, BR-W9, is a play on "Brownie".
    • She apparently is an updated model of Browny, the combat robot from Contra: Hard Corps, and both share some similarities, such as being tiny robots proficient in the use of heavy weaponry.
  • Olive, the representative of the Contra series in the maze battle multiplayer game, Bombergirl, uses a broom-like tool/weapon called "Tsugumin", which was allegedly created by BR-W9, whose original Japanese name is also "Tsugu-Min".
  • Her head icon in-game produces a yellow aura. In the test level, it appears as white.

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