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You can't beat me on beauty.
~ Aurora in Contra Returns

Aurora is a playable character in Contra Returns.


A super star from World E-137, she can sing and dance and has a presence that's as bright as the sun. She's been using her income to help the rebel poor.
~ In-game description

The queen Aurora was sitting in the dressing room.

Today is the media conference for the fourth anniversary of her debut, and it is also her exclusive dance show. Although she disappeared in the entertainment circle for a long time for some reason, the fans' enthusiasm for her has never faded. As always, today's show is still full, the problems at the conference site are still acute.

The media are always keen to pursue the secrets between her and Sora Corp, and even spread false rumors, weaving a sad love history between the boss of the multinational group and the queen of singing and dancing.

"BIG CONGRATS!" With a bouquet of golden roses blooming in the black magic hat, Roena walked into the dressing room.

"Thank you." Aurora took the bouquet thoughtfully.

"Don't think too much", Roena replied, "As you said to the media, you denounced Solar's actions, and your only position is this. After all, you are not only a star now, you are already a star. A rebel fighter."

"You're right." Aurora smiled. She looked at the sword and whip on the table, and her proud expression returned, "Sinners like Solar should be whipped! Manager, today's show income still goes through the underground bank!"

"Still helping those poor people who rebel? But..."

"But what? You're just a manager, I'm the boss, stop talking nonsense!"

Roena covered her mouth and smiled, and suddenly looked at the things on the table: "Hey, who gave these to you?"

Aurora picked up the sword and whip, and murmured: "I just remember being an important person, but it doesn't seem to be too important..."

"OH, KEEP UP YOUR BRIGHT SWORD!" Roena shook her head, pursed her lips, and pointed to another bouquet of flowers on the table.

Aurora looked puzzled, thinking of the strange man in the gray coat who kept crying off the stage during the dance performance. When I came to deliver flowers a few minutes ago, I said a lot of inexplicable words.

Deja vu, but distinctly unfamiliar.

She looked downstairs through the window, and the man in the gray coat had just stepped into the car.

"Dr. J, just now you said that Aurora has been over-modified, and it is likely to activate the self-protection mechanism, trigger the filter system of the artificial hippocampus, and delete all the memories that bring painful signal stimuli, including... I part?" the man asked the doctor beside him.

"Otherwise, do you think Aurora is pretending?"

The man recalled Aurora's confused expression, which no longer contained the complex elements of disgust and hatred. He lit a cigarette: "In this case, what a pity."

"What are you sorry about?"

The man didn't speak, thinking of a certain midnight.

"As long as you nod and compromise, you can still stay by my side... If you don't want to... I can only give you back your freedom." Those unspoken words can only be thought in my heart now.

"Nothing." He replied to Dr. J.

"Rien, ne vant le prix d'un homme
Ne tisse pas ta couronne
Dans le fil qui nous tient
Le cri de ma naissance valait le tien"
"Human beings are precious
Stop using us
Weave your crown
You and I were born from the same root"

The singing came from the homeless man's rusty electronic ears. This song is called "Fixe", which is a single recently released by the superstar Aurora. It is adapted and sung from a musical in a distant time and space. A love affair ensues. Because there is not much publicity, except for some diehard fans, few people know about it.

"Speaking of which, Aurora hasn't had a new work for a long time." The homeless man thought while listening to the song.

Some time ago, a strange video suddenly exploded on Aurora's social account, and there has been no news since then. Thinking of the scene of dismantling and transplanting human organs in the video, the homeless shivered.

He had just come back from a bar and was now stumbling down the Long Street at midnight, followed by a lame collie, half mechanized, with a cheap steam-industrial vibe, also stumbling behind him.

This is World E-137.

On both sides of the street are decaying, cold-colored buildings, scattered with dirty body parts, broken circuits and messy network wires. Looking up, the thin fog, the dark road, and the flickering starry sky are like a dull TV screen.

At the end of the dirty long street, neon tubes surround the monster-like building. The large advertisement of "Sora Corp" on the building body is radiant, as if it is another world that can never be reached, but the shadow of the building outlined behind the light exudes a commanding wordless indifference.

Everyone knows this famous company.

At that time, thanks to the cyber-transformation public welfare surgery performed by Imma Sloan, the heir of Sora Corp, the deaf homeless man regained his hearing far beyond ordinary people, which made him fascinated by Sora Corp's technology for a while.

But there is no eternal public good. Later, my mother's cardiopulmonary remodeling operation was terminated because she failed to pay the full amount.

The bum wasn't the only one.

At the beginning, Imma Sloan always publicized his humanitarian ideals through the media: the government neglected the environment for economic development, resulting in frequent occurrence of serious pollution and diseases. And cyber technology can turn the world into a utopia, it can allow the blind to feel visual signals, and it can allow patients with frostbite and Alzheimer's disease to return to normal life - even genetic modification, organ replacement, recovery and enhance the function of the body. But not many are willing to take the risk of this immature technology.

Until then, the peerless dancer Aurora was born.

Aurora is the beneficiary of cyber transformation technology. She was rescued from a dying illness and even gained extraordinary beauty and physique.

When she conquered the world with her difficult singing and dancing skills and became an unprecedented dazzling superstar, people finally realized the charm of cyber technology—so much so that they forgot the great transformation Aurora had endured for her dancing ideals, and forgot her ardent, almost paranoid effort.

Thanks to the endorsement of Aurora, a super popular idol, Solar has also become a world-renowned giant. However, the world finally failed to become the ideal utopia. The high cost has made cyber technology a luxury exclusive to the upper class. They despise those who have no money for surgery, and have conflicts and hatred with the lower class. The gap between the two sides has opened up a deeper gap. Like this decadent long street and the tall buildings at the end.

Although Imma Sloan launched a series of public welfare surgery, after all, it is just a drop in the bucket. After all, there are not a few people like homeless people, they can't get treatment, so they hate Sora Corp and cyber technology.

But everyone still loves the former spokesperson of this technology. Although Aurora has a capable and domineering personality, she is kind by nature. She participated in the promotion of those public welfare surgeries. In the eyes of many people, Aurora is a well-deserved goddess. Her incomparable beauty and dancing moves make them madly obsessed and dazzled.

"Damn Solar, damn Imma Sloan." A burst of anger suddenly surged in the homeless man's chest. He smashed the wine bottle in his hand to the ground, and the shepherd dog behind him barked and ran to a corner.

Only then did he realize that there was a person crouching in the corner.

That is also a cyborg.


Most of the body structure of that cyborg was seriously damaged, the hair and wires were entangled with each other, the artificial texture was mottled and peeled off, many parts were exposed, and a part of the original cortex began to rot and smell... that was probably a human form.

In the black market, this is not considered a semi-finished product, but more like that kind of second-hand waste, and it can't be sold for a lot of money, because there are almost no complete parts worth disassembling.

The shepherd dog ran over happily, sniffed it, and it could eat anything, but this time it barked heavily, and stepped back a few steps in disgust.

On this street, homeless people can always meet this kind of failure that is not even as good as garbage. He spit on the failed product, sang Aurora's song, and left in a daze.

The fog gradually thickened, and a holographic projection of a man in a gray coat appeared in the thick fog.

He stood in front of the failed product, listening to the tramp's singing, thoughtful.

"Le cri de ma naissance valait le tien (You and I are born of the same root)..." he said suddenly, "Is that why you want to be their spokesperson, my dear... Aurora?"

The failed cyborg squirmed suddenly, but made no sound.

The man continued to talk: "But they can't even recognize you now. That is the civilian garbage that you will fight to protect even if you break with me, but garbage is garbage, and it is impossible to get rid of your stupid justice. Redeemed in a sense."

Aurora tried her best and raised her head slightly. Her body was already damaged, but her eyes were still black and white, shining brightly in the dark night.

The man raised his brows sharply. The look in Aurora's eyes reminded him of the first time the two met. At that time, she was just a little girl, sitting in a wheelchair and talking about her dream of dancing. There was a fiery passion in her clear eyes. Shine.

Aurora opened her mouth, as if she wanted to argue something, but in the end she could only make a few "uhs".

"We have repaired your severely damaged liver system, but the treatment has not yet been completed, and several chips of your brain-computer interface have also been severely damaged. You may not be able to speak now. If you do not receive treatment, I am afraid that within a few weeks, your five senses, it will completely disappear and become a real scrap iron."

Aurora just stared at him, indifferent.

The man took out a cigarette and lit it: "I don't care what song you want to release, even the things that you secretly leaked our internal video and betrayed me, I can let it go." He took a puff of cigarette, "I only want you to answer." The man squatted down, "In a few months, it will be the media conference for the fourth anniversary of your debut. Do you have the heart to let the whole world see you now? As long as you nod and compromise, you can still stay by my side, and I will restore you. You don't need to speak for those lowly commoners, you already belong to the high stage, to Sora Corp, and to me, Imma Sloan. If you don't want to..."

Before Imma Sloan finished speaking, Aurora turned her head slightly.

He saw the complex expression on her face, it was hatred and pain, disgust and sadness, it was Aurora's silent rejection.

Imma Sloan's face darkened.

"Why are you always so stubborn? Those humble fools are not worthy of sympathy! Have you forgotten who hurt you like this?"

Of course Aurora will not forget.


It was a premeditated assassination against Imma Sloan. In order to save him, she sacrificed herself and was seriously injured.

Imma Sloan had nearly lost her, but she had lost Imma Sloan forever.

Because from that day on, he was no longer that passionate young man who wanted to make the world a better place.

Although Aurora suspected the sneaky Dr. J, Imma Sloan always believed that the murderers were those civilians who hated Sora Corp. From then on, his heart began to be filled with hatred. He hated the unreasonable civilians who would repay their kindness. He wanted to destroy everyone who resisted him.

His confidant, the ambitious Dr. J, began to ruthlessly accelerate the research of cyber technology, and even directly captured the rebels, dismantling and transplanting living bodies.

She tried to persuade him, but she couldn't find the right way, and always adopted extremely tough methods. The two extreme people always broke up on bad terms.

When the treatment was not completed, she finally chose to break up. Instigated by Dr. J, Imma Sloan abandoned her on the street.

"Don't forget, you can come back to life, restore your appearance, realize your dream of dancing, and become a big star, all thanks to who!

Every part of your body is mine, every coding procedure is mine! Every chip is mine! It's all from me! Imma Sloan began to growl.

He froze for a moment, remembering Aurora's resolute and aggressive character, and suddenly realized that he had said something irreversible. He stubbed out the cigarette, feeling a little flustered.

"Okay... what you gave me... I will give it back to you."

Aurora couldn't speak out.

She began to struggle to move her damaged finger, and the electric light between intermittent lines was sparse, and every movement stimulated her neurons, releasing severe pain.

Imma Sloan watched in amazement as she raised her hand tremblingly, trying to touch the brain chip, and he understood something.

"Stop!" Imma Sloan, who was in the holographic projection state, rushed over, but couldn't touch him.

Aurora's injuries are very serious, and Dr. J has repeatedly made it clear that she cannot move. Imma Sloan can hardly imagine what kind of willpower and vitality she has to do such a meaningless thing.

He recalled that when he first carried out the cyber transformation on Aurora, he didn't know the bottom line, because he couldn't believe how a mere little girl could bear the great pain that many soldiers would run away. However, she is always stubborn and uncompromising.

Just like she later experimented with her new body, practiced dancing for years, classical and modern jazz, ghost trot and fox trot, she kept falling and trying, and suffered many injuries to reach the limit of life.

This kind of decisiveness, which once fascinated him so much, tortured him so much now.

Aurora tore off the chip, and the visual and auditory signals gradually disappeared.

For her, this meaningless matter was just a long farewell ceremony.

Anyway, I can no longer see the former Imma Sloan.

So... let's say goodbye.

She hummed an unvoiced song.

"Nous sommes fragiles
Nous sommes l'argile
Nous sommes un avenir incertain
Nous sommes le destin entro nos mains"
"We are so fragile
Our life is like dust
We are the unknown future
We, our destiny is in our hands"

This "Fixe" is a song she sang for the common people. Although it was banned by the brokerage company controlled by Solar after only one day of private release, it is her favorite song since her debut.

The fog gradually dissipated, but the starry sky was still in chaos.

The world fell into a vast darkness.

Suddenly someone whispered.

"Wake up! I can finally get Aurora's signature!"

"Shh, Vera, keep your voice down—

——If you want to sign, I will sign first."

"Why! When saving her, I hacked the monitoring robot's system!"

"Stop talking nonsense, Aurora can recover, who spends more time?"

"You two—be quiet for a moment."

When Aurora opened her eyes, she had already arrived at a military base, surrounded by strangers in twos and threes, including a girl riding a mechanical dragon, a girl blowing bubble gum, and——

——That is the creator of dramatic magic, Roena, who is also a popular star, Aurora met her in a commercial performance.

Roena walked over smiling.

"This is Vera, and this is Glainne. Miss Aurora, it was the two of them who saved you from Imma Sloan."

"Ima Sloan..." Aurora was a little confused, she repeated the name with a confused expression, "Who is that?"

There was silence all around.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. Glainne and Vera thought of something, and they quietly gestured to the people next to them.

Roena understood, and said lightly: "It's nothing, it's just... a person from Sora Corp."

The magic hat in her hand transformed into a golden rose.

"Welcome to the world of rebels, Miss Aurora."


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