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Only protecting can alleviate my sins.
~ Arnold in Contra Returns

Arnold is a playable character in Contra Returns.


Once human, he was modified to the point that his body is now fully mechanical. With a dark past kept secret from others, he guards the members of the Contra Force with a heart full of pain and guilt.
~ In-game description

A broken mechanical body was lying in the light wave cabin of the Contra laboratory, the sound of electric current was like ripples, the brain connected to the prosthetic body did not respond, it was always as peaceful as in a dream.

Vera quickly operated the computer and issued instructions on the screen again and again. The frequency of the current gradually increased. Her masseter muscles chewing bubble gum relaxed and tightened, faster and faster, and a bubble was blown out, which expanded rapidly.

"Di--", the man in the cabin suddenly opened his eyes and sat up suddenly.

Vera looked up and met his confused eyes, the man said, "Who am I?"

"Damn it!" Vera's bubble gum burst again, "It failed again."

"Who am I?" the prosthetic man repeated.

"I want to know too." Vera touched her neck, even her cheeks were sore unwillingly.

The day before, Vera found him among a pile of rusted steel plates, exposed wires, and mutilated prosthetic limbs in the junkyard, connected to his cranial nerves, and found that this man was a victim of Sora Corp, and his brain took effect. The amnesic procedure was exactly the same one that Zadeh had been subjected to, and just thinking about it made Vera's teeth itch. She vowed to restore his erased memory within two days, yet 47 hours, 59 minutes and 33 seconds had passed.

"How about it, do you want me to help?" Glainne appeared at the door of the laboratory on time, "He has asked this question a dozen times, right?"

Although Vera was not reconciled, she had no choice but to hand this person over to the mechanical genius Glainne. Their appointed time had come.

The lights in the laboratory stayed on all night. In the morning, Glainne walked out of the laboratory and patted Vera, who was dozing by the door.

Vera rubbed her eyes, looked at Glainne, saw her raise her eyebrows and chuckled, "I don't think he will ask who he is anymore."

Vera's eyes widened immediately, and she ran into the laboratory. The prosthetic body in front of her had been completely repaired and had a wide mechanical wing added.

"Hi, I'm Guardian Arnold." His eyes were firm and gentle.

Arnold's combat ability had been completely destroyed, Glainne transformed him from a combat machine into a guardian machine, and gave him a new mission - the guardian of the Soul Army, and his default priority protection object was Glainne. However, Glainne concealed the familiar dark aura she found on Arnold's prosthetic body. His whole body of machinery was made by the Sora Corp. A fresh start would be a better choice for him.

After the transformation, Arnold had to learn a lot: catching distress signals, rescue response, fire cover, and deploying retreat routes, etc., but he quickly mastered the skills of guardian machines. At the same time, his simple and even dull personality was loved by everyone.

A month later, Arnold ushered in an actual combat mission. He was reckless on the battlefield, could find the right time to assist his teammates to attack, and could also cover Glainne and other teammates to retreat at the most critical moment, and sometimes kill a few enemies smoothly. Lance even praised him as a guardian machine. Some are overkill.

Outside of training and missions, Arnold always guarded Glainne every step of the way, not letting the werewolf Fang, who was accustomed to hugging bears, get any closer. Arnold seemed to be particularly comfortable with this new identity. However, a minor injury changed everything.

It was a gamma ray bomb accidentally triggered by the hostage, and the artillery fire hit Glainne and her mechanical dragon Gaston, and the landing point was very close to her. Gaston drove Glainne to dodge quickly, but it was too late to jump out of its fire range. Arnold rushed to Glainne's side when the shell exploded, and without thinking, he used his iron wings to protect her body.

The extreme light exploded with the artillery fire, and in a trance, Arnold saw that he was holding a combat shotgun he had never used before, and there were countless corpses and children lying in a pool of blood under his feet. The light gradually faded, Arnold climbed up from the mud, the roar in his head did not dissipate, and the fragments of memory that flashed suddenly scratched his consciousness, "Arnold—Arnold——" A voice called him, Arnold, raising his head, his eyes collided with Vera's. She rushed to check on Arnold's injuries. Suddenly, Arnold felt as if he had seen this face somewhere. He had seen her a long time ago. Although the subsequent continuous memories did not flood in, the question popped up again in Arnold's mind - "Who am I?"

He used to be K.

Sora Corp secretly cultivated a very small elite team. The members of the team had undergone strict selection and ultimate transformation to become ruthless and complete mechanical killers with extremely strong combat capabilities. K was one of them, from politicians to gang leaders, from obliterating a target to massacring a city, countless people have died in K's hands.

However, Sora's top-secret transformation had a fatal flaw - after the service life is reached, the functions of the whole body will decline rapidly; in order to save maintenance costs, Sora would secretly destroy them and erase their memories. K could not escape the same fate. After an assassination mission failed, Sora Corp activated the "formatter" buried in K's body in order to destroy the evidence of body transformation. K's consciousness and combat system were deleted, and his body was driven away. Technology opponents destroyed and abandoned him in the garbage disposal station.

Arnold gradually realized that he might have some unknown dark past.

Vera didn't know that his data recovery operation actually had an impact on Arnold's memory, coupled with the electromagnetic wave interference he often received when performing tasks, resulting in the formation of fragmented memories in his brain nerves. Vera didn't know that deep in Arnold's memory, he was the one who escaped. After that, every time Arnold saw Vera, the electronic report that he had read always appeared in his mind. This report contained the names and photos of Vera and Zadeh, and the words "first-level assassination target" were written under the photo. The heavy guilt made him dare not face Vera, avoiding her concerned eyes.

Facing the trusting eyes of his companions, the reformed Arnold felt pain for the first time. He became more fearless and desperate on the battlefield, as if he was always ready to sacrifice himself. It seemed that only in this way could he alleviate his guilt and pain. But after the battle, he was always staring at the sky in a daze, and became even more silent.

One day, Arnold came to find Glainne, while she working on strengthening her mecha Gaston. Arnold quietly guarded this girl who seemed to be sunny but equally heavy-hearted. She not only gave him a new life, she also gave him a special kind of intimacy. Arnold's eyes fell on a thick paper book on the table.

"Glainne, what are you reading?"

"The Old Testament." Glainne smiled, "Alice gave it to me." Arnold didn't know that Glainne was once a weapon of Sora just like himself, and they were indeed of the same kind. Glainne handed him the book, and Arnold opened a page with a bookmark.

"You will be strong and fearless. You will forget your sorrows, and even remember them like water that flows by. Your days on Earth will be brighter than the noonday, and in spite of darkness it will be like the morning."

At this time, the sun came out of the dark clouds and shone into the room. The sun fell on the pages of the book, and Arnold turned his head to look out the window, dazed. Later, Arnold always liked to be in a daze while basking in the sun. No one knew the images in his mind and the whispers in his heart. That was an eternal secret.


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