The Armored Chopper is a boss in Super Contra. It is a heavily-armed military aircraft used to deploy infantry units.


A large military deployment helicopter encountered in Base Area 1. The aircraft enters the screen by slowly flying about, making a first raid, sweeping the area by shooting the four turrets mounted on its side; it will then proceed to lower itself while opening its rear door, from where numerous infantry units will jump down and charge at the player. Other soldiers will also keep on entering the battlefield from both sides of the screen throughout the whole encounter.

The turrets can be destroyed separately and the infantries can be dealt with with a single shot from any weapon. Once the four turrets have been destroyed, a large glowing core will emerge on the helicopter's side. Destroying it will bring the whole carrier down.

In the NES version of Super Contra, Super C, defeating the helicopter signifies the end of the level, whereas in the arcade version the level will continue inside the fort, where the player will have to deal with an energy core. In addition, in the arcade version if the player takes too much time, the helicopter will eventually escape.