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Not to be confused with Arachnid.

Arachne (朝蜘蛛 Asagumo?, lit. "Morning Spider") is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising.


A large mechanical spider like robot built by the Commonwealth Empire. It is capable of riding along the electrified tracks of the Capital Railway.


The fight consists of two trains zooming up parallel walls, with the spider in between the center at the top of the screen. Due to battlefield conditions and gameplay mechanics, Players must take care not to receive any damage or else they will lose a life after falling, as they cannot grab onto a train while being damaged (this boss fight essentially recreates the classic "one hit death" conditions from earlier Contra titles). Players must use both trains to avoid Arachne's laser and bullet fire. Air Dashing and height are needed to reach opposing trains. Take care not to make contact with the boss either.


See also[]

  • Arachnid - Another spider boss with similar gameplay.
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