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The Alien Skull (unofficial name) is an enemy in Super Contra. It is a living and self-sufficient alien skull that either scurries along the ground or levitates toward the player.


The Alien Skull is a minor enemy in Super Contra. As its name implies, it is a skull of presumably alien origin that has some exposed organs hanging underneath it. There are two variants:


This variant only appears in Area 3, Deep Jungle, in the original arcade version of Super Contra. It bears two thin legs (but relatively long for its size), with which it scurries along the ground (similarly to a Bugger). It is initially found burrowed under the ground, with its location only evidenced by the top of the skull sticking out from it, and is often found in groups. When approached, it digs itself up to the surface and scurries forward nonstop until it leaves the screen.

These enemies are later used as one of Giralal's main forms of attack in Alien 1, by being released from the alien carrier's side hatches in an attempt to populate the screen and overwhelm the player. In the NES conversion of the game, Super C, the Alien Skulls exclusively appear in this manner during Giralal's boss battle in Base Area 4 and nowhere else. In this version, they have a more humanoid skull shape, don't have legs, their exposed organs are much smaller, and apparently these are what they use to move around.


A flying variant later appears in Alien 1 in the arcade version of Super Contra. It uses a modified sprite of the grounded variant, but without legs and having a complete jaw this time around (instead of the trunk-like part the grounded variant has). It is already found hovering in the air when it enters the screen and performs short but quick dashes toward the player, making brief stops between them in order to redirect each attack.





  • When the flying variant performs a dash, it opens its mouth and another, snake-like, inner mouth comes out from it. This is a direct reference to the xenomorphs from the Alien franchise, which the Contra series takes inspiration from.

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