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The Alien Mounted Missile is one of the final bosses in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a missile armed with the Alien Cell stolen from the research center that mutated into this abomination.


In a last ditch effort to take revenge upon the world, Colonel Bahamut places the stolen Alien Cell onboard a large doomsday missile aimed at an unknown location of Earth. After his ultimate defeat, the Hard Corps rush over to the alien mounted missile to destroy it before the world becomes a nuclear landscape. As the heroes climb up the outside of the large missile, parts of the hull blow open, revealing some of the Alien Cell's body parts, with many releasing alien spawn to combat the heroes. When the heroes reach the top, they battle and eliminate an Alien Centipede that escapes from the tip of the warhead. Upon its destruction, the missile's nose cone slowly rises up, revealing a behemoth of a monstrosity behind a glass case. This creature appears as a mound flesh, heads and faces molded onto one large lump of a body, with a spike jutting out from below, and blood leaking out from an eye and nose. The alien creature soon blows open the container it was sealed in, releasing itself onto the battlefield and immediately assaulting the heroes.

First, the Alien Cell sprouts two huge clawed, skeletal arms from its left and right sides. These will spread out and then reach down to swipe at the player. The arms can be destroyed by concentrated weapons fire, but each arm is made up of two bone segments. When a hand segment is destroyed, the remaining bone will still attempt to swipe at a player below. The bones can be crouched under, but the hands can reach a player if not destroyed quickly enough. It is recommended to fire at both arms as quickly as possible to eliminate the threat both hands possess. Weapons with a wide range or strong attack power will help here. When an entire arm is destroyed, a new one will grow in its place. Destroying 11 arms will cause the bony assault to cease.

After all of its arms are entirely blown off, a long, snake-like creature will appear from the bottom of the main body, the tip ending in a hideous humanoid face stained with red blood. The mouth will spew out a swarm of maggots, which will slowly crawl toward the player. The worms can be eliminated with weapons fire, but any that touch the ground require a prone position or a special weapon that covers a wide area to eliminate. The large Alien Cell mass will also slowly and continuously position itself closer to a player. After spewing worms, its mouth will open up, revealing an inflamed red core. This is the creature's weak spot and should be fired upon the moment it appears. After a few seconds, the mouth will close up and the head will sweep to the opposite side of the screen, repeating its pattern. The player needs to slide to avoid each sweep, taking care not to fall off the missile.

Dealing enough damage to the red mouth core will cause the entire Alien Cell mass to explode. However, this creature appears to be the missile's central power source, as upon its destruction, the entire rocket soon begins to explode, taking out its remains onboard. The heroes fall off the exploding alien mounted missile but are soon saved by the Air Police, who congratulate them for a good job well done saving the world from the alien threat.


  • Claw swipe: The Alien Cell uses its extended skeletal claws to swipe down at the player.
  • Bone swipe: Similar to the claw swipe, but uses a much shorter single bone extension to hit the player. Can be crouched under.
  • Maggot spew: Spews maggots onto the floor that crawl toward a player. Can be dispersed with weapons fire. Requires crouching fire to eliminate the grounded maggots.
  • Sweep attack: After retracting its core, the Alien Cell's neck performs a sweep attack to the opposite side.



Norris - The Thing - 01

Infected Vance Norris, from The Thing.

  • The Alien Cell creature bears a slight resemblance to the "the thing" organism from John Carpenter's 1982 science fiction horror film, The Thing, with both creatures also bearing a long worm-like neck with a face at the end. However, it is unknown if the creature from the game is actually a reference to it.
  • On the other hand, the appendage's face could instead be a reference to the boss Perfidy from the 1991 Sega Genesis game Gynoug.
  • The boss rewards the player who defeated it 30,000 points. This practically guarantees the victorious player an extra life, which is no longer necessary at that point as the game is concluded upon the boss's defeat.

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