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Not to be confused with Giant Centipede.

The Alien Centipede (unofficial name) is a boss in Contra: Hard Corps.


A tall tan-gold centipede like creature bearing 10+ segments of its body. This creature is part of the Alien Cell Colonel Bahamut stored onboard a doomsday Missile. It isn't known if this creature was still attached to the Alien Cell at the time of its encounter, like the previous alien spawn. Its entire body is obscured by the missile hatch it originated from. The segments have moving spikes on them though this purely a cosmetic. Its mouth has much long razor-sharp teeth and has the power to store and release energy.

As our heroes continue to climb to the top of the warhead, they fight wave after wave of the Alien Cell's spawns. Once at the top, the Hard Corps are greeted by a surprise enemy. The tip of the warhead blows open and the long segmented centipede thrusts itself out, ready to eliminate the threat to the Alien Cell itself. It towers high above the heroes, constantly hovering over them as it plans its attacks. The Alien Centipede starts by moving to the left side of the missile and charging energy from its mouth, then unleashing a bright energy spew on the ground below. This continuous blast chases down a hero for a short time, and given its length, it threatens the heroes safety greatly as it can cause them to be sandwiched between a energy blast and a pitfall off the missile. In the event a hero is trapped, the best or only option is to time a slide underneath the blast to escape. A single blast does not change direction once, causing the Alien Centipede to finish firing toward an empty space. After the centipede fires off a few rounds, it then proceeds to perform a lunge attack at the ground itself in an attempt to eat our heroes. It retracting itself once its mouth reaches close to the surface, and its lunge does not always target a hero directly. It can lunge consecutively.

The creature's weak point is its head. Constant fire upon it with concentrated weapon's fire any moment possible while keeping an eye out for its two attacks. Sliding can help in this fight, though one must be careful not to accidentally slide off the missile. One way to easily dodge the energy spew is by standing underneath slightly toward one side, then just as it launches, slide to the opposite side. The beam cannot change direction once it begins to hit the ground, allowing the players on the "safe side" to safely land a few hits on the boss's head. This trick usually works well when the Centipede fires in the center of the area, where it becomes harder to avoid both the energy spew and a pitfall. There is no real strategy to avoid the lunge attack other than watch closely and slide carefully when necessary.

The theme that plays during this boss fight is A Spirit of Bushi. Once the Alien Centipede receives enough head injuries, the entire body collapses in explosions. This isn't the end however, as the creature it was defending soon reveals itself to extract vengeance.




  • At times, parts of its body may vanish onscreen. This is due to sprite limitations. This often happens when the Alien Centipede fires its energy spew or lunges.
  • Much of the creature's body is covered from view by the missile background. Removing the layer reveals the Alien Centipede has more segments of itself, moving as the rest of the body does. These unseen parts also suffer from sprite limitations when the Alien Centipede performs its lunge attack.
  • An image of Sheena Etranzi battling the Alien Centipede is included as part of the Contra: Hard Corps gallery within Contra 4.

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