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The Alien Cell Rocket Worm (unofficial name) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a large worm-like alien that attacks by releasing swarms of wasp-like insectoids.


This large worm-like alien unexpectedly bursts out from one of the walls of the rocket transporting the alien cell that Colonel Bahamut set off as his last action before dying, and that the Hard Corps squad are desperately climbing in an attempt to disarm it. The creature only attacks by releasing swarms of little wasp-like insectoids that then fly toward the heroes. The worm isn't very resilient, though, and it will only take a few well placed shots or concentrated firepower to destroy it.

The player can fight the creature above or below it. If positioned underneath it, then the heroes must also deal with the oncoming larvae swarm from below (if the opening was not drained of the larvae beforehand). When the Rocket Worm dies, all enemies onscreen will perish. The larva opening may still release larva afterward, if possible.



  • Alien Slug
    Other worm-like heads can also be seen bursting out from the rocket's walls, although they release bug-like creatures that crawl over the rocket's surface instead. These could belong to the same species as the worm miniboss.

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