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The Alien is an enemy in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a malformed humanoid alien that breaks out and attacks from the glass tube it is contained in.


Aliens are bizarre-looking creatures that are initially found contained inside of large glass tubes in a genetic engineering laboratory. They appear to be malformed, suggesting they could have been created artificially and possibly still are at a partial formation state. Appearance-wise, they bear a strong resemblance to the first form of the mutated Colonel Bahamut seen later within the same stage. There is a possibility these aliens could have eventually grown into mature forms similar to Bahamut Overdrive if not for their destruction.

When approached, they break out from their capsules and attack by leaping toward a player. They have 5 HP each and there are five Aliens to fight in total. Each Alien defeated grants the player who dealt the finishing blow to it 1,000 points.




  • These creatures have a low vertical hitbox. If the player is hanging on the wall before the tunnel to the first boss, they may not receive any damage from an Alien, unless the player is hanging on the wall at the lowest point.
  • Buggers in Operation C are also initially found contained within glass tubes in the background and attack similarly, by breaking out from their containers as the player approaches.
  • The Skeleton Glass, an enemy from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (also by Konami), resembles the Alien. Like the Alien, it also breaks out of a glass container and attacks the player. The similarities are likely due to Takashi Takeda working on both creature's enemy programming.