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Air Police - 02
Grab onto my machine and I'll take ya to where you want to go!
~ Unnamed officer pilot

The Air Police is an organization in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a supporting aerial force that will lend a hand to the Hard Corps whenever they need it.


Not much is known about this supporting aerial force, although their condition of "police" probably means they are in charge of tasks such as enforcing the law, protecting people, and preventing crimes and civil disorder. Only one carrier of this force is seen in Contra: Hard Corps; its reduced size could imply they're primarily deployed on localized areas, such as the city and its surroundings.

A carrier of this force piloted by an unnamed officer appears twice in the game. The first, while giving the Hard Corps squad a ride to the research center; and the second, as the heroes destroy a missile high up in the sky carrying the alien cell, where after the explosion the carrier miraculously appears out of nowhere and saves them from an otherwise certain death.

In Probotector (MD), the Air Police pilot is the one who busts the player out of captivity on the Military Train instead of Deadeye Joe.


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