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Acid seen in Contra: Operation Galuga.

Acid is a type of recurring hazard featured in the Contra series. It is a series of corrosive substances that can appear in many forms, but which all are nonetheless harmful to the player.


Acid appears in various ways such as spewed, secreted or hurled in blobs by aliens. As a large-scale obstacle, acid tends to commonly appear in the form of a giant pool of corrosive liquid inside a large alien creature's body.


Contra 4[]

Acid appears during the climb up Black Viper's throat column. It slowly rises as bone spikes jut out to stab the player(s). The acid eventually burns through the bones but the commandos take a ride on the last bone set from the throat which skyrocket them up to the brain, out speeding the acid reflux.

Contra: The Board Game[]

Acid appears in the Alien Lair stage, to which Lance Bean remarks upon sight. During the battle against Gordea while the commandos attempt to escape Galuga, the latter eventually wins, causing the staggering titan to fall back into an acid pool, eliminating him.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Stomach acid appears during many portions inside Java. In many areas, the acid will slowly rise and/or descend. The acid rises constantly during a vertical shaft section, forcing the commandos to climb upward. If a player touches acid, they will receive damage as if being struck by an enemy. Due to its strong color clouding vision below its surface, it is impossible to tell if acid hides any platforms or bottomless pits underneath its corrosive liquid.



  • Acid in the Contra series may have been based on the xenomorph's blood from the Alien franchise, as that substance has been shown to be highly corrosive, melting through even the sturdiest of materials.