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573-Draconis (春日・流 Kasuga•Ryū?) is a boss in Hard Corps: Uprising. It is the second part of the boss battle of the Ruins stage.


Appearing as the stage's main boss. The Tigris returns from its defeat, chasing the hero(es) during their water rapids cruise. The Tigris transforms into a long submersible watercraft to better chase down them down.


The first part of the battle involves shooting down its front missile battery. Its frontal bow is electrified, preventing the heroes from getting too close to its weak point. The battery fires two separate slow moving pink laser beams straightforward, followed by an accompanying slow moving long homing missile. when the missile battery is damaged, it will rise to reveal a torpedo port. The torpedoes cannot be destroyed and aim toward the waters near the player, unleash shockwaves into the river surrounding them. These shockwaves must be jumped over while carefully eyeing the laser beams.

Once the extended battery is damaged, the Draconis will ram the hero(es)'s raft. At this time, they can jump onto the Draconis while its electrical surface is down. Once it repositions itself between an edge and the center of the screen, its eye opens, exposing its glowing green core. At this time, a long-range homing shuriken will chase after the heroes in a somewhat erratic fashion. The core will also unleash an energy orb that slowly moves in front of it, then returns to it. Two will be unleashed total over time, along with two shuriken total. The heroes must damage the core while avoiding these obstacles.

If the Draconis is not defeated during this phase, its weak point is gone and it dives into the waters, prompting the heroes to ride another nearby raft. The Draconis will then fire red missiles all around the battle in various patterns. The heroes must dodge and shoot their way through this missile barrage to survive. After this assault, the boss repeats itself from phase one of the battle.

When the core in Phase 2 is dealt enough damage, the Draconis will begin to explode and will ram the heroes escape raft to safety. Luckily for them their aerial ride rushes in to save them from a watery demise. Jump on board and watch the submersible sink!



  • The "573" included in the name is a reference to the Konami "number".

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